Deploy innovation chain around industrial chain

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-10

In the coming "13th five year plan" period, the global petrochemical industry will accelerate the structural adjustment, diversify raw materials, high-end differential products, green production.

The development of China's petroleum chemical industry is facing a series of prominent contradictions challenges, such as overcapacity, intensified resource environment constraints, rising factor costs, weak innovation ability.

Scientific technological innovation will become an important starting point to solve the contradictions meet the challenges.

During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the industry's scientific technological innovation work should deploy innovation chain around the industrial chain, deploy a number of key scientific technological innovation tasks in oil gas exploration development, petroleum refining, modern coal chemical industry, new chemical materials, fine chemical industry energy conservation emission reduction.

Oil gas exploration development: with the increase of China's oil gas consumption, the increasing dependence of crude oil on foreign countries the increasing difficulty of oil production, it is urgent to tackle key scientific technological problems.

The key technologies such as ultra deep well drilling unconventional oil gas exploration development should be listed as the key research points.

offshore deepwater exploration development, fine description of old oil gas fields enhanced oil recovery, economic efficient development in difficult to produce low-grade areas, enhanced oil recovery by CO2 flooding should be developed.

Research development of gas drilling, "intelligent exploration, intelligent drilling, intelligent oil production", shale gas exploration development technology equipment.

promote ultra deep well drilling, microbial oil recovery other advanced technologies.

In the field of petroleum refining chemical industry, it is necessary to focus on the key technologies of processing inferior crude oil heavy oil, clean oil production, liquid-phase circulating hydrogenation, etc.

develop the fixed bed ultra deep catalytic adsorption desulfurization combination of gasoline, the two-way combination technology of residue hydrotreating heavy oil catalytic cracking.

We will continue to promote the localization localization of complete sets of equipment such as 10 million tons of oil refining, 1 million tons of large-scale ethylene terephthalic acid, as well as large-scale centrifugal compressor units, large-scale positive displacement compressor units other major petrochemical equipment.

we will promote the combined technology of cold regenerator circulating catalytic cracking FDI dual isomerization hydrogenation.

In the field of modern coal chemical industry: "during the 13th five year plan", we should organize large-scale advanced coal gasification, directional gasification, coal to aromatics derivatives other key common technologies.

develop new technologies such as methanol to polyoxydimethyl ether (dmmn), syngas to ethanol, 10000 ton coal based polyglycolic acid degradation materials, etc.

Large scale advanced gasification equipment with coal input of 2000-3000 tons / day for single boiler, large methanation reactor with single series of 1.

3-2 billion cubic meters / year super large efficient intelligent air separation compressor unit are developed.

In the field of new chemical materials, we should focus on the material preparation technology of semi aromatic polyamide, thermotropic liquid crystal polymer, CO fluorinated silicon functional material, thermoplastic elastomer, polyolefin modified material, halogen-free high-efficiency flame retardant material, etc.

, as well as advanced manufacturing technologies such as silicone rubber for tire with high-efficiency nano strengthening, new polymerization post-treatment of fluoropolymer, advanced fluoropolymer processing.

Develop non phosgene polycarbonate, high performance membrane materials, fluororubber, high modulus high strength polyimide fiber, biodegradable materials, PAN based carbon fiber other products.

In the field of fine chemical industry: we should focus on breaking through common key technologies such as continuous preparation fine processing of fine chemicals, new catalysis, new process intensification new separation, develop environment-friendly high-performance coatings, high-grade dyes (pigments), fluorine-containing silicon containing fine chemicals, environmental protection adhesives, isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI) high-performance silicone seals for electronic electrical applications Preparation technology of electronic chemicals such as glue, water treatment chemicals oilfield chemicals.

In the field of energy conservation emission reduction, we should carry out scientific technological research on the utilization of industrial by-product gypsum, degradation of phenol ammonia heterocyclic waste, treatment of hazardous waste odor gas, develop the treatment technology of "three wastes" urgently needed in industries such as waste petrochemical catalyst resource utilization of high concentration high salt chemical wastewater.

We will promote the advanced purification of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in petrochemical industry, industrial circulating cooling water treatment system near zero emission.

While deploying the key tasks of science technology innovation in the 13th five year plan, we should also build a number of innovation platforms to support the realization of the industry's scientific technological innovation goals in the 13th five year plan.

Through the arrangement of key tasks of scientific technological innovation the construction of innovation platform, the industry is expected to complete a number of major industrialization projects such as the key technology innovation project of clean gasoline diesel oil the industrialization project of million ton coal to aromatics in the 13th Five Year Plan period, seize a number of technological comming points in the fields of oil gas exploration development, modern coal chemical industry, basic chemical industry, new energy new materials.

At the same time, the company has obtained a number of patents in key fields such as silicone rubber, high-performance polybutadiene rubber, high-performance silicone rubber polybutadiene rubber.

(author: Hu Qianlin, Deputy Secretary General of Sinopec, director of science technology equipment department) (source: China Chemical Industry News).

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