Developing aromatics industry chain in China

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09
On the basis of "China PX Development Forum" successfully held by

in 2014, the "2015 China aromatics industrial chain development conference" was held in Beijing from September 14 to 15 by China Chemical Society and China Chemical Information Center. People from all walks of life such as domestic and foreign aromatics industry chain policy, planning, safety, production, technology and market trade gathered together to discuss the public awareness, planning and layout, safety production and other topics in the upstream and downstream of aromatics industrial chain, focused on the development strategy and technological innovation trend of aromatics industry chain at home and abroad, and built an exchange platform between upstream and downstream of aromatics industrial chain, so as to effectively promote the healthy development of aromatics industrial chain Exhibition. The healthy development of


aromatic industry chain is of great significance to textile, chemical fiber and plastic industry. In recent years, the aromatic industry chain mainly composed of PX purified terephthalic acid (PTA) - polyester (PET / > Pet) - polyester fiber (polyester), polyester plastic (polyester film, polyester packaging bottle) has developed rapidly, and other product chains such as benzene, toluene, O / m-xylene are also increasingly improved. In 2014, China's PX output was 9.25 million tons, with an external dependence of more than 50%; polyester fiber output reached 35.8 million tons, accounting for more than 80% of the total synthetic fiber. At present, the aromatics industry chain with PX as the core is facing diversified factors: the social level is paying more and more attention to the safety and environmental protection of PX, the layout of PX projects at home and abroad at the industrial level is facing severe challenges, the contradiction between the shortage of raw materials at the market level and the overcapacity in the downstream is becoming more and more serious, and the innovation level of aromatics industrial chain has brought forth new technology achievements, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and enhanced benefits.

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