Discussion on the future development prospect of powder coatings market

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09
The furniture manufacturing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta are promoting the application, and actively helping the furniture manufacturing enterprises to train the production backbone personnel, so that they can master the process tips and operation points required for mass production of powder coating.

4.1.5 at present, only Taicang tiger company and Shandong longfabo company can provide the powder coatings used in MDF board coating. The curing conditions are 135 ℃ > 5min and 130 ℃ 10min respectively. With the development of MDF powder coating application market, the production and manufacturing of MDF special powder coating will soon be able to form cost localization production in the industry. Its variety, style and texture will continue to improve and innovate. The gold content of powder coating technology will gradually increase. The potential powder consumption of


MDF wood-based panels and nonmetallic substrates can be compared with that on metals. This is a huge high-end market to be developed. The powder coating technology of


4.2.1 powder coil coating of


4.2.1 has always been the focus of the powder industry. After the state recently promulgated the consumption tax regulations on solvent based coatings, the voice of "replacing paint with powder" in color steel plate industry is growing. The painting speed of color steel plate in China has reached 120m / min. the current electrostatic powder spraying technology is difficult to meet this requirement.


foreign roll coater innovates to put a large amount of powder into the powder coating room. After electrostatic loading in the area where static electricity occurs, a large amount of powder can reach the substrate. This method can realize industrial production. However, it is difficult to control the film thickness in the production process, and it is difficult to obtain a thin coating of 30-40 μ M.

a domestic foreign-funded enterprise has developed a powder coating with a particle size of 12 μ m (D50). The coating film with a thickness of 23 μ m is applied on galvanized steel with good flatness and corrosion resistance. It has passed the salt spray test for 1000h and reached the national standard index of color steel plate. The company has established a high-pressure slit powder spraying test line similar to the first precision company, with a line speed of 25m / min, It is in the experimental stage.

4.2.2 the domestic production technology of this kind of fine powder coatings has become mature. As long as the research breakthrough is applicable to this kind of fine powder electrostatic coating equipment, this novel high-end application market will get explosive growth. At present, the objective market demand is forcing the scientific and technological workers in the coating industry. In view of this application field, efforts should be made to improve the gold content from the aspects of theoretical application, process technology research and equipment research and development, so as to jump onto a new platform.

4.2.3 technical bottleneck

MDF powder coating technology has been widely used for more than 10 years, because the technical bottleneck of coating process has not been broken through in time, resulting in the situation of "three up and three down". For the application of color steel powder coating technology, it will inevitably encounter similar technical barriers. According to the production speed of 100M / min and the coating thickness of 30-40 μ m for 1 m wide color steel plate, it is required that 4-5kg fine powder can be evenly sprayed on the surface of the steel plate within 1 minute, and the electric charge of the powder on the surface of the steel plate shall be uniform. The powder coating shall be fully solidified within 5-10 seconds. This is the technical bottleneck encountered in the application of color steel powder technology. Only if it is conquered will the application market be launched.


have recently learned that some colleagues in the industry are planning to design and manufacture a brand-new powder coating model for color steel plate by using the "polymer galvanic polarization electrification" mechanism. This model combines the increase of spraying amount of powder spray and electrification of powder to solve these difficulties in coating. No matter what the success or failure of this research, this is the only way for China's powder coating technology to move towards high-end. In order to realize the Chinese dream of powder coatings, the scientific and technological workers in China must firmly take this step and dare to develop the market of new and high-end technologies. It not only gives us pressure, but also gives us the power of innovation and development.

4.3 other powder coating technology markets

the above two new high-end markets are introduced. Their successful application and promotion will undoubtedly greatly promote the development and promotion of powder coatings in China. In addition, powder coating technology is widely used. The development and application of many new industries will not only increase the use of powder coatings, but also enhance the gold content of powder coatings technology in many aspects. For example, metal bonding powder coating, antistatic powder coating, conductive powder coating, high temperature resistant powder coating, antibacterial powder coating, negative ion powder coating, high reflectivity powder coating, reflective heat insulation powder coating, heat dissipation powder coating and so on. Their development and application not only expand the application range of powder coatings, but also serve the society. At the same time, it will enrich many kinds of high-tech and high-level powder coatings for China's powder coatings storehouse. Comprehensively improve the scientific and technological level of powder coatings in China. "

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