Expectation of chemical industry and harmonious resonance of emergency industry

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According to the opinions of the general office of the State Council on accelerating the development of emergency industry, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China issued the Guiding Catalogue of key products and services of emergency industry (2015) on June 25. So far, the national emergency industry development roadmap is basically clear. It is necessary and feasible for chemical industry and emergency industry to resonate harmoniously. On the one hand, the chemical industry needs to make up for the short board of emergency work software and hardware; on the other hand, the emergency industry needs chemical products and technology, which contains opportunities. Relevant people from the Ministry of industry and information technology of


pointed out that the current public security situation in China is still grim and complex, and various emergencies such as hazardous chemical safety, chemical pollution, food safety are frequent, and the destructive power and influence are far more than before, and the prevention and control difficulty is increasing. In this context, speeding up the development of emergency industry will effectively improve the industrial support capacity of emergency response.


reporters from China Chemical News learned that the emergency industry is a comprehensive industry that provides support for emergency response activities. At present, China's emergency industry as a whole is still in its infancy. Under the promotion of the state, a number of high-level advanced technical equipment and innovative products such as disaster monitoring, environmental monitoring, safety and risk avoidance, fire fighting and rescue, emergency communication and emergency command, and a number of innovative products will be produced. Most chemical production is dangerous. The development of emergency industry will provide higher level of emergency software and hardware facilities and materials for chemical industry. For example, the dynamic monitoring system for the whole process of hazardous chemicals, the monitoring equipment for the leakage of hazardous chemicals in transportation, the technologies and products for emergency monitoring and early warning of water environmental pollution, and the emergency products for oil spill and toxic and hazardous substances leakage mentioned in the catalogue will play a role in the emergency response of chemical safety and environmental emergencies and improve the level of emergency management.

according to the relevant people of the State Administration of work safety, at present, the emergency plans and accident drills of large-scale hazardous chemical enterprises in China are generally good, but the reserve of emergency materials is obviously backward. The common emergency materials for hazardous chemicals include gas masks, protective clothing, detergent, fire extinguishing agent, disinfectant, etc. Many enterprises are still insufficient in this respect. The availability of emergency materials depends not only on the attention and efforts of hazardous chemical enterprises, but also on the innovation and upgrading of emergency technology and products.


are chemicals in the catalogue, whether they are fire retardant coatings, fireproof plugging materials, fire extinguishing agents, neutralizing agents and disinfectants. One of the most direct effects of the state's emphasis on the development of emergency industry is that the corresponding chemical manufacturing industry will be heated. According to Wang Huajin, deputy chief engineer of Ocean Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd., the newly developed ultra-thin fire retardant coating has thinner coating, longer fire resistance time, low smoke and low poison, so it has broad development space.


reporters also learned from the national work safety emergency rescue command center that in order to give full play to the role of emergency experts in production safety, the national work safety emergency rescue command center has just decided to establish the first national work safety emergency expert group, with 10 professional groups including metal and non-metallic mines, oil and gas exploration, storage and transportation, and hazardous chemicals.

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Shi Dinghuan, chairman of China Industry University Research Promotion Association and counsellor of the State Council: at present, China's emergency industry is in a scattered, chaotic, small and low situation. First, the emergency industry system is not complete. To meet the needs of China's public security emergency product system has not yet formed, the layout of emergency industry is not clear, the coordinated development of large, medium, small and micro enterprises still needs efforts. Second, the market demand is insufficient. The public safety consumption demand of the whole people is not strong, the allocation standard is not enough to pull the emergency products, and the insurance is not enough to support the emergency industry. Third, the development of key technology and equipment is slow. The technical content of some emergency products is not high, some technical products rely on import, and the key common core technologies need to be broken through. The root of these problems lies in the imperfect system and mechanism of the development of emergency industry. Liu Limin, President of China Chemical Safety Association of


: chemical industry mostly involves high temperature, high pressure, inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful production, which determines that the relevant emergency facilities and plans require higher requirements, and should be highly valued and strictly managed. Prior to this, there are clear national standards for emergency materials and equipment. However, there are too many opinions, methods and regulations, and the actual situation of various industries and regions is not the same, which makes enterprises and local governments feel confused and overwhelmed. Some of the guidelines are in conflict with local laws and regulations, resulting in difficulties in the implementation of policies. Now the state intends to do the top-level design for the development of emergency industry, so we need to emphasize the implementation and effectiveness of policies and measures. Hong Yu, deputy director of command and Coordination Department of


national work safety emergency rescue command center: the development of emergency industry needs two wheel drive of enterprises and government. For chemical enterprises, emergency is generally divided into internal emergency and external emergency, there are also large and small emergency. The small emergency mainly depends on the enterprise itself, while the large emergency must rely on the strength and resources of the government. At present, the state has planned to build regional emergency industrial bases in Guangdong, Beijing, Hebei, Anhui, Chongqing and other places. At the same time, it plans to build several national emergency rescue bases for hazardous chemicals in different regions of the country to integrate regional emergency resources and improve the efficiency and capacity of emergency response.

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