Experts say 70% of hazardous waste is out of control, with high potential environmental risk

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

The production and application of waste sulfuric acid in China were investigated.

The source, destination and quantity of waste sulfuric acid were basically understood.

The waste sulfuric acid was classified according to its concentration and impurities, so as to facilitate resource utilization and management.

Strengthen environmental protection law enforcement and supervision, increase punishment, strictly control fraud in enterprises, and comprehensively control all aspects of waste sulfuric acid.

For the park with large amount of waste sulfuric acid, a professional waste sulfuric acid treatment center will be set up as for the treatment of hazardous solid waste, and the same financial subsidy policy and tax policy as the treatment of hazardous solid waste will be implemented.

He Yi also suggested that enterprises should strengthen their awareness of law-abiding, strengthen law enforcement, and implement existing laws and regulations in place.

We will improve the ability to guarantee the harmless use and disposal of hazardous wastes, and strengthen the capacity building of supervision and law enforcement of hazardous wastes.

Improve the existing management system, improve the operability of the legal system, ensure the guarantee of scientific research funds, and improve the ability of technical support.

(source: China business daily.