Extending to synthetic chemical industry and fine chemical industry

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

to implement the speech of the general secretary, to do a good job in the transformation and development of "coal head and tail" is to focus on "chemical", that is, how to promote the transformation of traditional coking enterprises to modern coal chemical enterprises. In this regard, our approach is: to carry out projects, grasp construction, and actively promote the extension of our industrial chain to the fields of synthetic and fine chemicals.


1. Actively strive for the cooperation project

with foreign high-tech enterprises

in 2011, we cooperated with Beijing Sanju environmental protection company for the first time. Up to now, we have cooperated for three times. The projects under construction are coking upgrading and transformation to produce clean chemicals and coking upgrading and transformation to produce chemical products. One is located in Qitaihe Xinxing Coal Chemical circular economy industrial Park, and the other is located in Donggang Industrial Park of Boli County, both of which are provinces Key industrial projects, including: Qitaihe project, whose products are FT wax and by-products are synthetic ammonia, urea, LNG and LPG, can achieve an annual sales revenue of 2.1 billion yuan and arrange 1200 jobs after its completion; Boli project, which produces 1830 chemical fertilizers with synthetic ammonia, methanol and LNG as its by-products, can achieve an annual sales income of 1 billion yuan and employ more than 900 people after the project is put into operation. Through the cooperation with Sanju company on the project, not only accelerated the pace of our company's transformation to a modern coal chemical enterprise, the extended industrial chain also improved our enterprise's anti risk ability.


two, multi measures to solve the project construction fund problem

As a private enterprise,

has always been a bottleneck factor restricting the development of our enterprises. In order to raise funds, the cooperation projects between us and Sanju company are carried out in BT mode. In addition, several northeast companies, including longpeng, and Beijing Sanju Co., Ltd. have jointly established the Northeast Regional industrial alliance and set up alliance funds to support each other. At the same time, longpeng Co., Ltd Funds and bank credit funds can also better meet the needs of project construction and daily production and operation funds, providing strong support for the transformation and upgrading of longpeng.


3. Pay attention to the construction of talent team and improve the soft power of enterprises

in our enterprise's personnel composition, there are managers from Beijing Sanju company, engineers from Daqing Petrochemical Company, technical personnel from Shenhua Wuhai company, postgraduates and undergraduates from Zhejiang University and Hei Tech University. Different knowledge backgrounds, different regions and different levels of personnel gather to show the humanistic concept of "long Peng" inclusive What's more, it's about the concept of talent. In longpeng, the concept of "where there is something you can do" has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. Our deputy chief engineer, who graduated from black technology in 2009, was 27 years old when he was promoted in 2015. We have technical and equipment specialists in every major, and many of them are "soil experts" who revolve around the equipment every day. There are many examples like this. We not only train and train talents in our work, but also reserve talents as much as possible. We have reserved technicians for methanol LNG project. Although we paid a lot of manpower cost, it is these technicians that make our methanol LNG project reach the production capacity successfully after completion. (the manuscript was edited by Heilongjiang Daily reporter Wang Kun and Cheng Yao)