Global carbon black market expected to reach a new high

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

recently, the Irish industry intelligence advisory agency released a report that the global carbon black market is expected to exceed US $25 billion in 2020, driven by the continuous growth of tire industry demand and the reinforcement of industrial rubber products with carbon black in the construction and manufacturing industries.

the research report pointed out that the global carbon black market competition is very fierce, major manufacturers have increased R & D investment to improve product quality, committed to producing diversified carbon black and optimizing their product portfolio. Due to the capital intensive characteristics of carbon black industry, the competitiveness of new entrants is limited. A few large companies with abundant cash flow dominate the global carbon black market. At present, the three largest market participants are India's Bora carbon black company, American Cabot company and euryon engineering carbon company, which accounted for about one-third of the global carbon black market in 2014.


from the regional point of view, the Asia Pacific region plays an important role in the world carbon black market. Most of the demand in the region comes from emerging economies such as China and India due to the expansion of tire production facilities and the rapid development of construction industry. As tire manufacturers shift their manufacturing bases to developing countries in the Asia Pacific region, it is expected that the Asia Pacific region will maintain its dominant position in the carbon black market from now until 2020. From the industry point of view, the tire industry is still the largest user of carbon black.


experts predict that the increasing investment in the tire industry and the growing demand for special products will promote the growth of global carbon black market in 2020. According to Karan Chechi, director of market research at techsci, a global management consulting firm, there are many opportunities for the industry to grow in the next five years, based on the continuous increase in global market demand for carbon black. In addition, with the increasing application of carbon black in paints, coatings, polymers and electronic equipment, the penetration of special carbon black in the market will continue to increase. With the improvement of tire quality and the average life of tire increased year by year, carbon black producers will gradually turn to produce special carbon black with higher profit margin.

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