Hazardous chemicals construction projects in Shanghai can only enter the "special zone" of hazardous chemicals concentration

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

The revised draft of the measures for the safety management of hazardous chemicals in Shanghai is being publicized and accepted public opinions.

It was learned yesterday that this is the first time that the measures have been revised in 10 years.

According to the regulations, Shanghai will definitely establish a hazardous chemicals concentration area.

In principle, new hazardous chemicals construction projects can only be carried out in this "special zone".

According to the draft, Shanghai plans to further strengthen the control of the distribution and concentration areas of hazardous chemicals in the city, and set up a special chapter to specify the concentration area of hazardous chemicals in the city.

In principle, new construction projects of hazardous chemicals can only be built in this area.

The regional management organization of hazardous chemicals concentration shall entrust the safety evaluation institution to conduct an overall safety risk assessment every five years, verify the safety capacity, implement the total amount control, and reduce the regional risk.

In addition, Shanghai will further strengthen the safety supervision of hazardous chemicals by means of information technology, clearly establish an information exchange platform for hazardous chemicals supervision, collect relevant information about the production, operation, storage, use, transportation and disposal of hazardous chemicals, and explore the platform trading of hazardous chemicals.

Each regulatory department of hazardous chemicals shall disclose the illegal information of hazardous chemicals, and incorporate the relevant information into the municipal public credit information platform.

for those with multiple or serious illegal records, the frequency of supervision and inspection shall be increased, and restrictions shall be imposed on government procurement, project bidding and awarding of honors.

(source: labor daily).

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