How should titanium enterprises survive the severe winter

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on July 25, the project seminar of "strategic research on the development of key materials in offshore engineering" was held in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. At the meeting, the author interviewed Professor Chang Hui, director of Youth Committee of China Society for materials research, member of material science and Engineering Academic Committee of China Nonferrous Metals Society, and deputy director of Jiangsu marine advanced materials engineering technology research center. He said: "in the current period of titanium industry surplus and low price, enterprises are too impatient. They should calm down and make use of the severe winter to" practice their internal skills. ". If you practice your internal skills well, you will have strength, accumulation and ability once you go hunting again in spring. "

titanium has a broad prospect in ocean engineering. Zhou Lian, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said: "if you want to improve the performance of ships and become a powerful ocean power, you can't do it without advanced materials." Titanium has the characteristics of small specific gravity, corrosion resistance to seawater and marine atmosphere, excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and non-magnetic properties, so it is the best choice for marine engineering materials.


Chang Hui told the author that the United States, Russia and other maritime powers are widely used titanium alloy, such as submarines, aircraft carriers, marine oil and gas exploration, seawater desalination and so on. In 2013, only 1% of the total titanium production was used in China, less than 4% of the total marine equipment, with a total of about 2000 tons. Offshore engineering is the main application field of titanium alloy, and also can accommodate, digest and absorb all production capacity. If titanium accounts for 1% ~ 2% of marine equipment materials, it is very considerable.


Chang Hui said that the demand for titanium alloy will be very urgent in the country's major engineering projects, such as deep-sea space station, high-performance ships, offshore oil engineering and offshore reef construction. Titanium will be used in pressure hull of deep sea space station, riser of offshore drilling platform, condenser and heat tracing device of high performance ship. Therefore, the application of titanium in ocean engineering is an important direction to promote titanium to a new height, and also to lay the foundation for realizing the marine power.

collaborative innovation is the hard truth.

in this meeting, Chang Hui introduced Jiangsu marine advanced materials engineering technology research center. In May this year, Jiangsu Provincial Marine Advanced Materials Engineering Technology Research Center was established in Nanjing. The center takes advanced marine materials such as high-performance low-cost titanium alloy, long-life reinforced concrete and corrosion-resistant steel for marine engineering as the research direction. Aiming at the requirements of deep-sea space station, high-performance ships, offshore oil and other major projects, the center carries out collaborative innovation through the corrosion performance test and evaluation of materials, and provides technology for the research and development of advanced marine materials and the application of manufacturing technology And platform to lay the foundation for the realization of maritime power.

Chang Hui said that in addition to the technical aspects, such as the application performance and molding performance, including the shortage of supporting products, the main reason for the lack of titanium used in offshore engineering materials is the cost. The price of titanium is more than 10 times higher than that of steel and 5 times higher than that of aluminum. Therefore, the establishment of engineering technology research center takes the low cost of titanium as the main research and development direction. Facing the bottleneck technical problems in the titanium industry, this paper aims to train technical talents for the processing, forming, welding and application of titanium alloy for offshore engineering. Through the collaborative innovation of engineering R & D center, design unit, processing plant and University Research Center, the government can build a platform, enterprises and research institutions can communicate, enterprises provide research funds, research institutions research technology, and the results of technical output are fed back to enterprises. After the enterprises benefit from the products, they will give blood to the engineering center, so that the engineering center can continue to develop for enterprises New products, so that enterprises have the motivation to spend money, researchers have the motivation to research, designers have the power to design, forming a complete cycle mechanism.


at present, Jiangsu marine Advanced Materials Engineering Technology Research Center has established the research direction. The alloy composition is determined by material integrated calculation engineering method and high-throughput experimental method, which is currently in the verification stage. Two patents have been applied for low cost titanium alloy design. According to relevant data, in 2014, the titanium production capacity reached 120000 tons, the actual output was less than 70000 tons, the processing materials were 50000 tons, the sales volume was more than 40000 tons, and the utilization rate of production capacity was less than 60%. It can be seen from the data that the surplus of titanium industry in China has become a major problem. Titanium overcapacity leads to low price and loss of enterprises. On the other hand, many titanium production enterprises in China do not pass the technical level, which leads to unstable quality of finished products and poor batch stability. Different processes should be adopted for different quality materials of users, which complicates production and causes unnecessary waste. Therefore, some people in the industry said that the "severe winter" of titanium has arrived.


Chang Hui said that titanium sponge is now at a low level, which is also the low level in history. For titanium and titanium processing enterprises, how to minimize the cost is the key. Do not fight for price war, but really reduce direct and indirect costs. It is very important in the development of new technology, the waste of materials, the stability of technology and the improvement of talent rate.


for enterprises how to survive the "severe winter period", Chang Hui said: "in the current titanium industry surplus and price downturn period, the enterprise mentality is too impatient, should calm down and make use of the severe winter period to" practice internal strength. " What is "internal skill"? Chang Hui believes that enterprises should do a lot of work in technology research and development and production technology improvement, take action to do development and research; actively care about and pay attention to the development of new markets; take the initiative to contact application units and technology research and development units for development and cooperation; do a good job in talent storage and personnel training, introduce high-quality technical personnel, and organize technical training for industrial workers; finally, To form a complete R & D and application industrial chain structure. Although the titanium industry is in the "severe winter", it is a sunrise industry after all, and its application will be in aviation, navigation, automobile, medical treatment, chemical industry and many other fields. Therefore, it is very important for enterprises to find their own strengths. In the downturn period of titanium industry, enterprises should make their technology specialized, new and hard, and make their products refined, refined and strong. They should be ready for the spring to blossom and make their efforts.

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