How to deal with the new normal of salt chemical industry

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with the rapid development of China's economy, salt chemical industry is advancing by leaps and bounds, China has become an important salt chemical production country in the world. In recent years, China's economy bid farewell to the era of rapid growth and entered the "new normal" of large-scale economic restructuring and quasi high economic benefits.


are affected by domestic demand, Internet, system reform, dollar appreciation, RMB devaluation and other factors, China's salt chemical industry is facing various problems.


along with the slowdown of China's economic growth, the salt chemical industry is also facing the problem of overproduction and insufficient demand, which requires the whole salt chemical industry chain to reduce costs as much as possible, adjust the industrial chain structure, improve their own profits, and survive in the cruel market competition.

NPC and CPPCC Internet plus "Internet plus" Internet Premier Li Keqiang has mentioned "Internet " several times during the two sessions this year. This has also opened up the trend of Internet plus in all industries. From Internet to coal, from colored steel to coal, there has been Internet plus boom. Influenced by this, salinization industry has some gratifying changes in Internet aspects, but compared with other industries,

has also been a hot topic in the Internet industry. Salt chemical industry is lagging behind. For our salt chemical enterprises, how to develop our own Internet plus era is a problem that every salt saler should consider. For salt enterprises, the reform of salt industry system means challenges and new development opportunities. When the monopoly system of salt industry is cancelled, salt enterprises will face the problems of raw salt production and marketing and product structure adjustment. The salt industry group has started the relevant research work on the separation of government and enterprise in the salt industry, but how to operate under the condition of marketization? How to use the existing brand and marketing network to realize the integration and development of resources and market? How to break through the development path of traditional brine and realize technological innovation? How to aim at the future market, build a new business system, and realize enterprise transformation?

recently, in the international financial market, the most popular news is the devaluation of RMB. Compared with clothing and other industries, the devaluation of RMB is more complicated for us. Although China's salt chemical industry is relatively advanced, we still need to import some related products, such as ion exchange membrane. The devaluation of RMB is not a simple question for salt chemical industry We need to think about how to deal with the devaluation of RMB. How should we deal with these problems, such as excess production, Internet plus tide and depreciation of the RMB?


are under the guidance of Qingdao Free Trade Port Management Committee, jointly sponsored by business club and Shandong North Salt Chemical trading market, and jointly supported by China e-commerce research center and China bulk commodity development research center "2015 China International salt and chemical industry development high-end summit and launching ceremony of international salinization e-commerce platform" will be held in Qingdao free trade port from 27 to 28 this month. This summit will extensively invite macro experts, industry experts, e-commerce professionals, domestic authoritative experts and scholars, American famous salt industry group, domestic salt chemical industry, bromine chemical industry, chlor alkali related enterprises to participate in the summit We welcome all of you to attend.

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