Hundreds of billion level carbon emission trading market is ready to emerge

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

The head of the climate Department of the national development and Reform Commission revealed at the hearing on administrative licensing that the national development and Reform Commission has studied and drafted the "national carbon emission trading management regulations (Draft)", which will be submitted to the State Council for deliberation in the near future.

The reporter learned in an interview yesterday that China will launch the national carbon emission trading market in 2016, and the first batch of pilot industries will include six major industries, including petrochemical, steel and electric power.

This means that the top-level design of carbon emission trading in China is about to be completed, and a carbon market with a market scale of 100 billion yuan per year is ready to emerge.

According to the statement of China and the United States on climate reduction, China plans to reach a peak of carbon dioxide emissions around 2030, and plans to increase the proportion of non fossil energy in primary energy consumption to about 20% by 2030, according to the Beijing Environment Exchange.

Since 2011, China has launched carbon emission trading pilot projects in seven provinces and cities.

More than 1900 emission enterprises and units (including 146 petrochemical enterprises) have been included in the seven pilot carbon trading platforms.

The total amount of carbon emission quota allocated is about 1.

2 billion tons.

As of June 26, this year, the carbon dioxide trading volume of the above pilot carbon market was about 25.

09 million tons, with a total amount of about 830 million yuan.

Petrochemical Industry and key petrochemical enterprises have always been the focus of participating in carbon emission trading, and refining, coking, fluorochemical and other enterprises have played the main role.

Although China has carried out carbon emission trading for many years, there is still a lack of a set of legally binding system and regulations.

Previously, it was managed and operated in accordance with the Interim Measures for the management of carbon emission right trading.

On the basis of extensive research and full demonstration, the state drafted the "national carbon emission trading management regulations (Draft)", which will form the top-level system design of national carbon emission trading after being deliberated and approved by the State Council, and has the rigidity of legal constraints.

This is conducive to the implementation of the carbon emission trading system, the allocation of carbon emission quotas, and the identification of the qualification of carbon trading verification agencies, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the carbon emission trading market.

According to the work arrangement of the national development and Reform Commission, the next step will be to sum up experience on the basis of seven pilot provinces and cities, accelerate the establishment of national carbon emission trading market, and strive to start operation in 2016.

Xiong Xiaoping, deputy director of the energy sustainable development research center of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said that in the future, China will establish a national carbon emission trading market.

As a major carbon emitter, the petrochemical industry is likely to be selected into the national carbon trading market.

Moreover, the accounting method for carbon emissions of the petrochemical industry has also been released.

It is understood that the petrochemical industry, as a major carbon emitter, currently has a relatively small number of enterprises actively participating in carbon trading.

Many industries with relatively large carbon emissions, such as synthetic ammonia and modern coal chemical industry, are still waiting to be seen.

They have not paid enough attention to the mandatory carbon emission reduction and carbon trading that will soon come.

In this regard, Xiong Xiaoping believes that petrochemical enterprises should actively prepare to deal with it.

Once they are included in the carbon trading market in the future, they should actively implement the contract and participate in market transactions.

First of all, we should find out the family background and grasp the overall situation of carbon emissions of enterprises in the past few years.

Secondly, we should actively participate in trading, accumulate trading experience and learn to manage risks.

For example, at the beginning of the year, if you are not sure whether the allocated quota is enough, you need to buy more for reserve.

if you have new investment projects, you should consider the amount of carbon trading required for future compliance, and carbon emissions may become a part of the investment cost.

Finally, it is necessary to establish a carbon management department.

It is also understood that in recent years, some places in China have made frequent actions in carbon emission trading, which means to seize the opportunity and occupy the highland.

According to the Beijing Environment Exchange, all six cement enterprises in Chengde City, Hebei Province, have been incorporated into the Beijing carbon emission trading system recently, marking the first time that China's carbon trading market has realized cross regional trading, taking a big step towards the regional integration of Beijing Tianjin Hebei carbon trading market, and exploring experience for promoting the establishment of a national unified market.

In addition to Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places are also speeding up the construction of carbon financial market, and have launched a number of carbon financial products, which are welcomed by the market.

(source: China Chemical Industry News).

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