Identification technology of modified titanium dioxide helps the development of titanium dioxide industry

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is a big import and export country of titanium dioxide in China. However, with the development of social economy, in order to solve the problem of shortage of titanium resources in titanium dioxide production, reduce environmental pollution and improve the utilization rate of titanium dioxide resources, the traditional single titanium dioxide has been gradually replaced by modified titanium dioxide. How to characterize and confirm the composition and structure of modified titanium dioxide has become a practical problem to be solved by quality inspection department. The rapid development of


is difficult to identify. The development of titanium dioxide industry in China began in the 1950s. Since 1998, it has been driven by the downstream industries such as construction, coating and molding paper, showing a rapid development momentum, and has become the largest producer and consumer of titanium dioxide in the world. In 2011, the annual production capacity of titanium dioxide in China has exceeded 2 million tons. It is estimated that the annual production capacity of titanium dioxide in China will increase to 5 million tons by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. The import and export volume of


titanium dioxide in China is large. In 2010, China's import of titanium dioxide was 269037 tons, the export volume of titanium dioxide in 2010 was 266380 tons, the import volume of titanium dioxide in 2011 was 22860 tons, and the total export volume of titanium dioxide in 2011 was 398131 tons. The proportion of


in the titanium dioxide products imported and exported by China gradually increases. Take Jiangsu Zhenti Chemical Co., Ltd., one of the national large-scale national titanium dioxide production backbone enterprises, as an example. In 2011, the company exported more than 20000 tons of modified titanium dioxide with inorganic treatment and some organic treatment, accounting for 68% of the total output, and the modified titanium dioxide produced by Nanjing titanium dioxide Chemical Co., Ltd. accounted for more than 80% of the total output.

since February 2012, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China and the General Administration of customs have included titanium dioxide in the list of compulsory inspection commodities. However, the existing standard GB / t1706-2006 "titanium dioxide pigment" for titanium dioxide testing in China only stipulates the routine testing items of titanium dioxide, and there is no provision for the performance characterization and identification of modified titanium dioxide.

has successfully researched and developed this project. The researchers have synthesized three kinds of most common modified titanium dioxide, which are organic surface modified titanium dioxide, ion doped titanium dioxide and biomass carbon loaded titanium dioxide. The ion doped titanium dioxide is respectively doped with iron and zinc, and each doped titanium dioxide has three different concentrations of 0.5%, 5% and 30%, respectively Carbon loaded titanium dioxide was also selected as 1%, 5%, 10% respectively The internal structure and surface properties of titanium dioxide were systematically analyzed by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), respectively. The effects of different ions, doping amount and loading ratio on the internal structure and surface properties of titanium dioxide were systematically analyzed, so as to determine the structure regions of nano titanium dioxide and unmodified products No. A total of hundreds of experiments have been carried out. In order to improve the added value of modified titanium dioxide,


, with the help of Nanjing Institute of soil science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, solved the problem of how ion doping and biochar loading affect the degradation of pesticide pollutant cyromazine in water, and studied the application of titanium dioxide with different modification technologies in environmental purification and coating performance improvement.

work in the current long-term research project, the establishment of the modified titanium dioxide characterization methods mainly include X-ray diffraction (XRD) (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), electronic energy spectrum (EDS), infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) four test methods, and each of the test methods in the characterization of different modification technology were analyzed, the factory and enterprise in the modification The identification of titanium dioxide has strong theoretical guidance and practical significance, which has been popularized and applied in some titanium dioxide production enterprises in Jiangsu Province; Jiangsu Zhenti Chemical Co., Ltd. has planned to introduce relevant identification technology for quality control in the production process of modified titanium dioxide, which will greatly improve the accuracy and reliability of enterprise quality control. At present, most of the imported and exported titanium dioxide are modified titanium dioxide, and the price of modified titanium dioxide is often higher than that of unmodified titanium dioxide. The establishment of this identification technology is conducive to the determination of modified titanium dioxide and the elimination of the phenomenon of false and true.


the application of modified titanium dioxide in coatings and degradation of organic pollutants is of great guiding significance for the transformation and upgrading of titanium dioxide enterprises, increasing the added value of titanium dioxide and expanding the application field of titanium dioxide, which has a certain social and economic benefits.

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