In 2020, the market value of waterborne epoxy resin may exceed 12 trillion US dollars

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09
Markets and markets, a global consulting firm of

, recently released a report "global water-borne epoxy resin market trend and forecast in 2020 (by application ((coatings, composites, adhesives and others)), terminal industry (automobile, construction, textile, furniture, packaging, etc.) and region)" to analyze and forecast the scale of water-based epoxy resin market. By 2020, the global market value of waterborne epoxy resin is expected to reach 12217.5 billion US dollars.

Asia Pacific Region -- the largest water-borne epoxy resin market.

Asia Pacific region is one of the fastest growing water-borne epoxy resin consumption markets in the world. It is expected that this trend will continue in the future. As the largest waterborne epoxy resin market, the Asia Pacific region accounted for more than 51.11% of the market share in 2014, mainly due to the Chinese market, which is expected to be the fastest growing country in the region. The rapid development of the Asia Pacific region is mainly attributed to a growing population, large developed and developing economies, good investment policies and government incentives for industrial development.

coatings -- the largest market of waterborne epoxy resin.

coatings market is one of the largest market types of waterborne epoxy resin in the world. It is expected that this trend will continue into the future. In 2014, the Asia Pacific coating application still occupied the main share. China is expected to be the fastest growing country in the Asia Pacific region.

the United States and China are among the top consumers of waterborne epoxy resin, while Germany, South Korea, France, Japan, Britain and Russia are also the main countries consuming waterborne epoxy resin. As a key market, China consumes more than half of the waterborne epoxy resin in the Asia Pacific region, followed by Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, which are steadily increasing in consumption. Under the influence of continuous industrialization and manufacturing development, the consumption of waterborne epoxy resin in the fields of automobile, construction, textile, furniture and packaging is also increasing. It is estimated that the construction industry will be the fastest growing application field from 2015 to 2020.

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