Is the expectation of gold nine silver ten of titanium dioxide passed in mid August come true

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

in mid August has passed, titanium dioxide market has been falling for nearly three months, its price is different from the previous years, constantly refreshing the historical record. There is no list in the actual market, which makes the market of titanium dioxide more and more difficult. The suppression of low prices by leading enterprises has caused many small manufacturers to complain incessantly. At present, all manufacturers are basically "crying out at a loss". Although some small enterprises have not made any profit even at a loss, they are really responding to the predatory prey of nature. The "gold nine silver ten" that many enterprises are waiting for may be a key point for the turning point of titanium dioxide market, but the author thinks that there will be no change in the first ten days of the "golden nine", because of the military parade near the 70th anniversary of the victory of the anti Japanese war on September 3 and the overall impact of the Tianjin accident on the chemical industry. It seems that the "golden nine" will not set off any big rebound. At present, most of the domestic rutile and anatase titanium dioxide are quoted at 10300-12300 yuan / ton and 9000-10200 yuan / ton. Compared with its upstream, the titanium concentrate of


is not very good. The overall operating rate is low, and large manufacturers have begun to reduce production, and some manufacturers have even stopped production. Compared with the current situation, they are not what they want to see. In the face of high costs and no price market, they have to make a choice.


titanium dioxide price market mainly fell last week. At present, the domestic titanium dioxide market will not improve temporarily, but it is not likely to fall. It is crucial to see who can "carry" more. Price attacks by big companies have come in waves. In the face of the domestic market is not prosperous in the peak season and colder in the off-season, the market is more difficult to reverse. For now, it is still the price of the single, the quantity and the form of payment!

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