Is the expiration of WTO protection period in July good or bad for titanium dioxide?

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

on November 10, 2001, China formally joined the World Trade Organization (WTO). At that time, China applied to the WTO for a 15-year protection period. It took 15 years to adjust China's economic structure to adapt to the "ultra-high-speed train" in line with international standards. In July 2015, the protection period is coming, and the door must be opened. Maybe we haven't realized the significance and influence of this incident on titanium dioxide industry. Maybe we will ask what is the relationship between the opening of the country and titanium dioxide industry?

analysts believe that at least two things will happen: first, foreign enterprises are allowed to enter all industries in China, including finance, securities, transportation, steel, etc., and of course, titanium dioxide industry. In theory, the state is not allowed to participate in bidding projects in the future, only individual consortia are allowed to participate; Second, it is related to survival. Customs tariff reduction or exemption is zero, that is to say, from July 2015, all import and export commodities will be exempted from customs tariff. This is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for the titanium dioxide industry. First of all, foreign investment can build factories, participate in shares and purchase, introduce advanced production processes, upgrade existing processes, increase production capacity and increase production capacity. Yes, only by increasing production capacity, can we face challenges; At the same time, the domestic "rich and willful" boss can also go to the countries within the scope of WTO to do the above-mentioned matters, and there are also opportunities. Secondly, the reduction and exemption of tariff makes the imported titanium dioxide with higher price have the reason to reduce the price. For example, 23000 yuan / ton of titanium dioxide can reduce the tariff cost by 6%, and from then on, there is another "protagonist" in the price war, and the domestic titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid process can also go to the countries within the scope of WTO, so as to lose the tariff cost and become a more advantageous market. To sum up, as far as the domestic market is concerned, the future competition can be imagined. Only by strengthening their own advantages, upgrading the marketing mode, and cultivating long-term and stable channels and terminals, will the manufacturers have vitality.


domestic titanium dioxide price market has been determined to rise, with a slight difference. Some market participants look down on the decline of the third quarter according to the current situation of cold shipment. In the short term, the market price may be strong, and the actual order is still a single Discussion on the form of looking at the order, quantity and payment
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