Low price of titanium powder

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

September entered the middle of the year, The demand for titanium dioxide has not improved, and the price market has not changed significantly.

It is still "lying down where you fall down".

Long enterprises maintain stability at a low level.

Other manufacturers are unable to follow.

In September, most of them choose to stabilize at a loss and maintain their customers.

After several rounds of step price reduction, some old large enterprises have been operating at a loss for a long time, and have been sticking to the principle of "eating the old money" for several months, Since September, the fine-tuning market of dragon and enterprise has not produced a linkage effect.

Sichuan Longqi continues to hold down or boost industry consolidation at a low level and depresses the operating rate under the premise of overcapacity.

However, for peer manufacturers, it is undoubtedly "pulling hatred".

Price increases are unrealistic and stable.

They are afraid of losing customers and lowering prices, which makes the loss even worse, Starting work at full capacity can reduce costs, and weak demand can't pull inventory.

Only by reducing production or stopping production can we reduce production or stop production.

Even if it is so tragic, it still fails to push up the demand market.

At present, it is still maintained in a situation that is not a price problem.

If the domestic market is still "calm" in large areas in October, it will stop falling or even rebound slightly in the year.

At present, the mainstream quotations of rutile and anatase titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid process are 10000-12000 yuan / ton and 8800-10000 yuan / ton (both including tax).

Yang Xun, titanium dioxide analyst of chemical branch of business society, believes that: Sichuan Longqi's low price has "pulled hatred" for several months, and titanium dioxide market serves as a "naked long-distance vehicle" driving down the channel.

Although the demand in September has not changed significantly, it will stabilize in a large area or give a ray of vitality to the market in October.

In the short term, the market is still a single discussion of looking at the order, quantity and payment form!.

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