Market demand for titanium dioxide is weaker

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

entered into August, the demand of paint market is weak, and many coating industries are shuffling in order to find a better way out. Now the uncertain changes in China's real estate industry are the most serious adverse reasons for coatings. Of course, there are also some real estate market is still on the upward trend, which seems to mean "out of the three areas, not in the five elements", but most of the real estate industry is still in the upward trend Real estate, showing a downward trend, and such a trend, for the impact of coatings, self-evident.

in this environment, it is undoubtedly difficult for the coating market to have a "turning over opportunity", but it is not completely impossible. Finding new fields is the primary task of the coating industry.

is facing the weak demand of downstream enterprises, which is an unparalleled blow to the titanium dioxide market. In the hot summer of August, the downstream market demand is like putting titanium dioxide in the "ice cellar". In the face of this situation, many manufacturers have begun to reduce prices. According to Huicong chemical network, some enterprises have dropped 1000 yuan in two days, while anatase has dropped 1000 yuan It can be imagined that the market of titanium dioxide has already been described as bleak. Some people in the industry say that "I can't bear it. Why is there no one to ask for it?" the most important reason lies in the coldness of the downstream market, and the direct impact on the titanium dioxide Market is justifiable, just like a "biological chain", The "living things" in the upper layer are "full", which means that the "living things" in the lower layer are no longer meaningful. Now titanium dioxide is in an awkward situation.

is a traditional off-season sales season in June, July and August every year. However, this year's market has successfully set a new record and become the first low value in history. Now the titanium dioxide market is very bad. Even if the market supply and demand situation has improved to a certain extent, it is difficult to fundamentally reverse the inertia market. As the "gold nine silver ten" is approaching, the titanium dioxide market will slightly There is a change. Due to the sharp drop in July, the possibility of a big fall in August should be small, but the slow decline is sure to exist.

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