Merger and acquisition transformation of listed chemical companies

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09
After more than three years of de stocking cycle, the overall fundamentals of the chemical industry have not improved substantially. The development mode of continuing to rely on the growth of fixed assets investment for expansion is difficult to sustain. The industry is facing the pressure of transformation and upgrading. Asset restructuring and cross-border M & A have become important ways to improve the valuation.

data show that the current hot spots in the chemical industry mainly focus on the concepts of state-owned enterprise reform, asset restructuring and cross-border transformation. Industry insiders said that among the listed companies of state-owned enterprises, group injection of high-quality assets or backdoor will be the main operation mode; while private enterprises are more inclined to take the initiative to improve performance. In 2015, cross border transformation and supply and demand improvement will be the main investment logic of the chemical industry.

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