Ministry of industry and information technology: three key points and five measures to upgrade new chemical materials

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

on August 30, pan Aihua, deputy director of raw materials department of MIIT, introduced the overall thinking of MIIT to promote the development of new chemical materials industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period at the high level summit of China's synthetic resin and special chemical new materials. Pan Aihua summarized it as three key tasks and five focal points. One of the tasks of


is to strengthen the top-level design of the development of new materials industry, formulate and promulgate the guiding opinions on promoting the development of new material industry and the 13th five year plan for development of new material industry; the second is to give full play to the special policies to promote the development of new materials; the third is to focus on breakthroughs, release the development directory of new chemical materials and implement dynamic management. The five focal points include seizing new opportunities, focusing on the development of new chemical materials in the fields of new energy, aerospace, high-end equipment, electronic information, energy conservation and environmental protection, population aging, etc.; establishing industrial alliance to promote the cooperation between upstream and downstream industries; creating a fair market environment and improving the fiscal, taxation and financial policies; We should cultivate enterprises to become bigger and stronger, form a number of new material enterprise groups with international competitiveness, and carry out "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" (mass entrepreneurship and innovation) activities to promote industrial innovation and development.


according to the introduction, during the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the annual average growth rate of China's new chemical materials output value is about 15%, and thousands of products covering five major fields of high-performance resin, special rubber, high-performance fiber, functional membrane materials and electronic chemicals have been formed. In 2014, the total consumption of new chemical materials in China was 24.66 million tons, with a self-sufficiency rate of 63%. However, there is still a big gap between the overall level of industrial development and that of developed countries.


should realize the stabilization, low-cost and industrialization and serialization of general-purpose new chemical materials, form a relatively complete industrial chain, enter the middle and high-end application fields, and create new chemical materials enterprises and R & D bases with international influence. " Pan Aihua looks forward to the new chemical material industry in the 13th five year plan.

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