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Under the double attack of low oil price and overseas low-cost products, where will China's modern coal chemical industry go in the 13th five year plan? At the modern coal chemical industry development forum of 2015 petrochemical industry development conference held on April 10, the industry paid high attention to it. Hu Qianlin, Deputy Secretary General of China Petrochemical Federation and Secretary General of coal chemical industry special committee, proposed that the industrial orientation of modern coal chemical industry should be an important direction of clean and efficient transformation of coal during the 13th Five Year Plan period, and the overall development stage should be upgrading demonstration moderate development, which can create "4 1" industrial pattern.


he said, according to the Ministry of land and resources evaluation, by the end of 2012, China's total coal resources in the depth of 2000 meters was 5.9 trillion tons; the proven reserves were 1.4 trillion tons, accounting for 94% of the total primary energy. Coal is the basic energy and chemical raw material in China, which will not change in a short period of time. However, at present, most of coal in China is used for combustion, and will be converted to fuel raw material in the future. Modern coal chemical industry is an important direction of clean and efficient coal conversion. However, there are still some technical bottlenecks in modern coal chemical industry. The overall development stage of the "13th five year plan" is upgrading demonstration moderate development. We should adhere to water measurement, clean and efficient transformation, demonstration first, scientific and reasonable layout and independent innovation, not large-scale development. Among them, coal to liquids and coal to natural gas should be upgraded and demonstrated, while methanol to olefins and coal to ethylene glycol can be moderately developed.


Hu Qianlin stressed that the development of modern coal chemical industry can not blossom everywhere. Considering the factors such as coal resources, water resources, distribution of existing projects and environmental constraints in China, the "4 1" industrial pattern can be created in modern coal chemical industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period. "4" refers to the development of four bases, i.e. the deep coal conversion base in the golden triangle of energy, which mainly includes three regions of Western Inner Mongolia, Northern Shaanxi and Eastern Ningxia, with coal to liquids, coal to olefins and coal to aromatics as the leaders, reasonably plan the downstream deep processing product scheme, and build competitive coal based chemical raw materials and synthetic materials projects; Xinjiang coal based fuel export base, including Yili, Zhundong and other areas, reasonably layout coal to natural gas and coal to oil projects, and simultaneously construct oil and gas pipelines, so as to become an important gas source supplement base for "west to East Gas Transmission"; East Mongolia lignite efficient utilization base, focusing on large-scale low-level coal upgrading demonstration; Yunnan Guizhou coal based fuel replacement base, focusing on the construction of coal to oil projects, based on regional demand, reasonable control of scale. "1" refers to other coal chemical bases.

Hu Qianlin said that low oil prices may become the new normal. In order to enhance industrial competitiveness, the modern coal chemical industry should further optimize the process and enhance the stability of demonstration projects; vigorously implement energy conservation and consumption reduction to maximize resource utilization and economic benefits; adjust the product structure, extend the industrial chain, and develop high-end and high-value-added products. Hu Qianlin's views on


have been recognized by many participants. Some industry insiders suggest that the state promulgates the coal chemical industry related industrial policies as soon as possible to guide and standardize the orderly development of the industry, increase the support for the research and development of key technologies and major equipment, accelerate the construction of technology and standard system of modern coal chemical industry, and give appropriate financial and tax subsidies and preferential policies to coal chemical projects.

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deputy chief engineer of Shaanxi coal chemical industry group Co., Ltd. Zhang Xiangping: the important goal of coal chemical industry is to realize clean and efficient transformation of coal, and the clean and efficient transformation of coal quality into polygeneration is an important way. One of the most important directions for the utilization of coal is to convert coal into blue carbon. Its revolutionary significance lies in that the waste gas pollution generated in the process of direct coal combustion is put into the front stage for centralized treatment, the pollutants are separated, and the resource utilization is realized, and the efficient transformation of solid energy to solid, liquid and gas energy is realized, and the energy conversion efficiency can reach more than 85%. Among them, the solid component can be used as clean energy, the liquid component can be further processed into clean fuel oil, solvent oil or aromatic products, and the gaseous product can be used to produce liquefied natural gas. In this way, not only the hierarchical transformation and utilization of coal are realized, but also the purpose of environmental protection, cleaning and haze reduction is realized. Zhao Jun, chemical business department of Henan energy and chemical industry group: our modern coal chemical industry has extended the development of coal to ethylene glycol, methanol protein and other fields. To develop modern coal chemical industry, it is necessary to emphasize the rational use of coal resources; to emphasize the base construction and cluster development; to vigorously develop circular economy; to emphasize the high-end industry and product differentiation; to strengthen the leading role of technological innovation; to explore the development of alcohol ether fuel, coal to ethylene glycol, coal based new materials and other emerging industries. Jiang Congbin, deputy general manager of


aerospace Long March Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.: under the joint action of multiple factors, the development of some coal chemical industry is in trouble, and the construction of some projects is slowing down. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the industry should take the opportunity to do a good job in technology upgrading. For example, coal gasification technology is an important factor to determine the success or failure of the project. In terms of pulverized coal gasification, in order to ensure the safe, stable, long-term and full-scale operation of the plant, efforts should be made to improve the reliability of the unit, reduce the discharge of waste water, improve the site cleanliness of the coal gasification plant, increase the treatment capacity of the gasifier, separate the quality of pulverized coal and comprehensive utilization of gasification. In addition, the current situation of some devices is not ideal, lack of talents and management system is not standardized is an important factor.

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