Multiple industries to realize high value of coal resources

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09
In his speech, General Secretary Xi proposed "seeking innovation in change, progress in innovation, and breakthrough in progress", which pointed out the development direction for the economic transformation and upgrading of private companies, strengthened the determination of transformation and development of our companies, and stimulated the enthusiasm of private enterprises to participate in supply side reform, economic construction and social public welfare undertakings.


Jiwei group company has been committed to the development of coal chemical industry circular economy. It is a large-scale private enterprise integrating raw coal mining, coal preparation, coking, power generation, heating, methanol production from coal gas, LNG production from gas and gas filling by automobile. Since 2014, the first natural gas filling station has been built in Qitaihe City, which has opened a new era of vehicle gas in Qitaihe City, solved the problem of near ground sales of LNG products, and achieved double harvest of economic and social benefits.


, some immature suggestions are put forward for the development of coal chemical enterprises in our city: as a resource-based city with coal as the main resource, coal chemical enterprises should rely on and give full play to the industrial foundation, technical advantages and talent advantages formed for many years, actively adapt to the change of situation and market, transform the extensive metallurgical coke into fine chemical coke, and develop synthetic chemical industry Extended industries such as fine chemical industry and material chemical industry can be further processed into high-end and fine coal chemical downstream products such as ethylene glycol and nylon. Graphene is widely used in many fields, such as lithium batteries, chips, ultra-high speed broadband, etc. Closely around the transformation and development concept of "relying on coal, extending coal, not only coal and surpassing coal" put forward by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, we should build a diversified coal chemical industry system, realize the high value of coal resources, extend the industrial chain of circular economy, and further develop clean, efficient and environmentally friendly new energy. (the manuscript was edited by Heilongjiang Daily reporter Wang Kun and Cheng Yao)