Natural gas to olefin PK coal to methanol to olefin coal chemical industry?

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09
China's PDH producers have signed a series of long-term contracts for LPG procurement with companies such as enterprise and Targa in the United States. At present, both enterprise and Targa are expanding NGL separation units, storage and transportation facilities, terminals and other facilities. By this year, their LPG export capacity will be increased to 7.74 million tons / year and 4.87 million tons / year respectively. A large number of LPG imports, on the one hand, bring competition between PDH and MTO / MTP, and more importantly, impact on domestic propane.


American propane has a price advantage over other propane products in the international market. At the same time, the purity of propane from natural gas separation unit is higher than that from refinery propane, which is more in line with the demand of chemical production. Driven by price and quality, it is not surprising that they choose to import.


are coming: don't be afraid of


. When referring to the energy revolution, Tang tingchuan, director of the development strategy Department of the Policy Research Office of China National Petroleum Corporation, jokingly said that this was the word "revolution" heard again after the "Cultural Revolution". The so-called "revolution" is the process of transforming traditional energy into new energy, and the clean utilization of coal is undoubtedly an important part of the revolution. At present, China's coal chemical industry has to face the competition from import in addition to the domestic public opinion. However, under the background of more coal and less gas in China, the price of gas is difficult to fall and the price of coal is going down, which brings opportunities for coal chemical industry. As Alex Whitworth, a consultant of his in Beijing, said, the market of coal chemical industry is a market full of risks and opportunities, and competition is the inevitable existence of the market and the premise of progress.

Alex Whitworth believes that the long-term and stable development of coal chemical industry requires sustainability, affordability and safety. There is no doubt that under the impact of methanol and propane imported from the United States, China's coal chemical industry will undoubtedly be under pressure in these three aspects. However, it is still uncertain how much of the US export volume will really be implemented in China in the future. Therefore, on the one hand, China's energy security needs to be considered, and at the same time, it is better to integrate the knowledge with the hard competition. In the relatively weak links of technology, foreign capital can be appropriately introduced to seek common development. Don't forget that the faithful hounds around us were domesticated by ancient humans tens of thousands of years ago. "

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