New "budget estimate quota" standardizing the cost of Chemical Engineering

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"Chemical construction budget estimate quota" (2015 Edition) took more than three years to complete the revision, and has been officially published and issued.

On June 15, according to the Chemical Engineering Committee of China Construction Engineering Cost Management Association, it took more than three years to revise the chemical construction budget quota (2015 Edition), which has been formally published and issued.

Experts believe that a series of chemical industry quotas such as "chemical engineering construction budgetary estimate quota" are indispensable in chemical engineering construction, and their scientificity, timeliness and accuracy are of great significance to the planning, design, construction and construction of chemical projects.

However, the revision of these quotas is faced with many challenges, such as the management system is not smooth, the revision funds are short, and the talents and materials are short.

Many experts in this field told reporters that in the process of chemical engineering construction, there are often large differences between actual investment and planned investment, which brings great difficulties to daily management and investment control.

Engineering construction quota plays an important role in determining and controlling investment, which can effectively avoid project over budget estimate and prevent large deviation between project budget and final account.

Both national project planning and enterprise engineering construction need authoritative chemical industry quota.

With the rapid development of technology and the change of various environmental factors, more and more high requirements are put forward for the scientificity, accuracy and timeliness of the quota.

Shi Zhiyong, deputy general manager of China Chemical Engineering Group Corporation, believes that with the development of society and the progress of technology, great changes have taken place in the allocation of human resources, machinery, materials, environment and other resources required for capital construction.

Only by keeping pace with the times can the quota content meet the new market situation and user needs.

The importance of quota revision is reflected in the following aspects: it is of great significance to maintain fair competition in the construction market and promote the reform of engineering construction management in the industry.

it is conducive to improving the scientific management and decision-making ability of enterprises in project investment.

and promoting the standardized, orderly and healthy development of engineering construction market in chemical industry.

Zhao Yiming, director of the standard and quota Department of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, stressed that the revision of quotas should pay attention to timeliness as well as accuracy.

Liu Hanjun, chairman of the Chemical Engineering Committee of China Construction Engineering Cost Management Association, told reporters that due to the change of management system, the current quota service management of the chemical industry is undertaken by the China price coordination working committee, and the revision of the quota faces three difficulties: first, there is no source of funds.

After the national chemical industry management organization is cancelled, the quota revision fund application channel is Because of the cut-off, the policy of proportional withdrawal of fixed use fees has also been cancelled.

second, there is a lack of professional and technical personnel.

third, it is difficult to collect data, mainly due to financial difficulties and the enterprise's internal information is not open.

These three dilemmas have seriously restricted the progress of quota revision work, and affected the quota to play a greater role in providing engineering cost basis, maintaining market equity, balancing the interests of all parties, and reducing investment decision-making errors.

Wei Jing, deputy director of the quality, safety and environmental protection department of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that the China Petrochemical Federation attached great importance to the quota revision.

She hoped that the national competent authorities could solve the problem of the implementation of service management responsibilities of engineering valuation basis in the chemical industry, and further straighten out the quota management system of the state, industry and enterprises.

Shu Yu, director of China Construction Engineering Cost Management Association, pointed out that opportunities and challenges coexist to make chemical industry quota have stronger vitality and play a greater role.

The revision of "chemical construction budget quota" was officially started in October 2012, the first draft review was completed in November 2013, and released by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation at the end of 2015.

According to the development and changes of chemical industry, the new version of budget estimate quota highlights the industry characteristics and covers a wider range of industries, which is suitable for petrochemical, coal chemical, pharmaceutical and rubber industries.

In this revision, a large number of quota subitems have been added, totaling 2229, with an increase rate of 81.3%. Among them, the installation of special equipment for coal chemical industry, 160000 cubic meters LNG storage tank, dual phase stainless steel and zirconium pipeline installation, crushed coal pressurized gasifier, Shenwu furnace, shell furnace, Tsinghua furnace, tamping coke oven, calcium carbide furnace installation, urbanization sewage treatment, long-distance transportation pipeline, etc.

, fill the blank of chemical industry budget estimate quota.

The revision of the quota also timely links up with the standard of consumption of general installation engineering (2015 Edition).

(source: China Chemical Industry News).

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