Petrochemical industry supports environmental protection leader system

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

environmental protection "leader" system implementation plan was officially printed and issued, which attracted the attention of petrochemical industry. Recently, Zhuang Xiangning, head of the environmental protection department of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, pointed out that the key to the implementation of the plan lies in its implementation, and the supporting policies must be kept up with in time. The chemical industry has many kinds of products, various and complex synthetic process routes, and the implementation potential is quite large. It is suggested that we should try first in consumer goods and areas closely related to people's life, such as tires, coatings, fertilizers, pesticides and other industries.


Zhuang Xiangning said that the original intention of the "plan" is to improve the environmental protection level of the whole industry through the implementation of differential treatment. The key to implementation is to implement the awesome policy. This will stimulate the enthusiasm of technological innovation of enterprises, especially the transformation of major process routes, which can produce a strong driving force. " "If the benchmarking enterprises can be given preferential treatment and support in financing, taxation, export and project construction, it will be a blow to the backward technology and force the backward enterprises to turn to green development," he said Zhuang Xiangning pointed out that in the production of the same product, some enterprises apply cleaner production technology, which has low pollution but high cost, while others still adopt low-cost high pollution and high emission process, which is unfair to the former in the competition. "The market is chaotic and enterprises are under great pressure. How can they have the enthusiasm for green development?" Before


, the national development and Reform Commission and other seven departments jointly issued the implementation plan of energy efficiency "leader" system. Zhuang Xiangning pointed out that the two are not only related, but also have great differences. The starting point is different, and the assessment methods and standards are also different. "The goal of energy efficiency leaders is very clear, which is to reduce unit energy consumption. The assessment method is also very simple, just look at the energy consumption value. For example, it is clear at a glance how much standard coal is needed to produce 1 ton of ethylene and how much standard coal is consumed per ton of ammonia. The environmental "leader" should not only reduce pollution, but also be conducive to human health, ecological protection and green sustainable development. Assessment indicators are also much more complex. Whether the use of raw materials is environmentally friendly, whether the process route is green and clean, and the emission level of "three wastes" (up to standard emission is the most basic requirement, and zero emission of pollution should be realized in the end) He said. Kang Shuxin, deputy general manager of coal chemical business department of


, said that the implementation of the scheme is not only an effective carrier for chemical enterprises to actively participate in energy conservation and emission reduction, promote continuous environmental improvement and accelerate the construction of ecological civilization, but also an effective platform for selecting advanced, carrying out environmental benchmarking and continuous improvement. This will play a positive role in strengthening the awareness of corporate environmental responsibility, restricting their own behavior, establishing and improving the environmental management system, realizing clean and civilized production and tapping the potential of environmental protection. Yu Haibo, deputy general manager of Luoyang Ruichang Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd., believes that environmental protection needs not only publicity and guidance, but also enterprise action and leadership. For enterprises that are good at technological innovation and committed to green development, the increase of environmental protection pressure is an opportunity.

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