Polypropylene rebound height fear Limited

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

10, boosted by the rise in crude oil prices, polypropylene futures opened higher. The main 1509 contract opened at 8450 yuan / ton yesterday, and closed at 8586 yuan / ton in the final trading. The turnover increased by 285000 to 506000, and the position decreased by 1642 to 439000.

spot, domestic PP market prices yesterday narrow range finishing, some small high. Analysts pointed out that after the high opening of polypropylene futures, it went up rapidly, which boosted the mentality of the industry, and merchants made tentative high reports. Downstream manufacturers wait and see procurement, the transaction has not improved significantly. Take wire drawing as an example, the mainstream quotation in North China was 8650-8800 yuan / ton, that in East China was 8750-8900 yuan / ton, and that in South China was 8700-9000 yuan / ton.

"disk view, yesterday's price strong break through the moving average system, MACD red column lengthened, but whether this rise has continuity remains to be observed, it is suggested to wait and see the performance of 8500-8800 yuan / T pressure range." Analysts said. Analysts of


suggest that they should still be treated as shorting. Firstly, the supply of propylene monomer in the domestic market is expected to increase; secondly, the profit in the powder market is better, which also improves the production profit of the enterprise and stimulates the increase of start-up; thirdly, the PP maintenance unit is facing recovery, including Daqing Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd., Pucheng energy Co., Ltd. and Maoming Petrochemical Co., Ltd., which are overhauled in the early stage, and the domestic market supply is facing a certain increase.

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