Raw materials department of MIIT investigates Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09
In order to promote the safe and healthy development of petrochemical and chemical industry,

has been carrying out extensive and in-depth investigation recently by the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, to scientifically formulate and issue guidelines for standardizing the development of chemical parks, and to promote the relocation of hazardous chemical enterprises into the park. On August 31, pan Aihua, deputy director general of the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and Zhao Jungui, vice president and Secretary General of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, visited Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, focused on the emergency response center and some enterprises, held a forum to exchange the industrial development of the zone, and put forward constructive suggestions on the development of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park.

according to Wang Hongjun, deputy director of the Management Committee of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park adheres to the concept of safety and environmental protection as the bottom line, innovates the "integration" development mode of chemical park, and creatively puts forward five "integration" concepts; Strengthen the safety and environmental protection management of the park, cooperate with the European Union, integrate the "110, 119, 120" resources in China, and establish an emergency response center in line with international practices; promote the harmonious development of the chemical industry park and surrounding areas by means of pairing construction, "dividend" and other means. The region is striving to build a world-class petrochemical base and circular economy demonstration base with international competitiveness.

Pan Aihua paid close attention to

in the park's emergency response center. He inquired in detail about the park's linkage disposal mechanism in case of emergency, fully affirmed the advanced management concepts and measures of hazardous chemicals in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, and proposed to further carry out the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization, accelerate the construction of smart Park, and further use the Internet of things technology to improve the intrinsic safety level of the park 。 After in-depth exchanges between


, Zhao Jungui affirmed that the development of domestic chemical industry parks created by Shanghai Chemical Industry Park ranked first in many aspects, calling it the benchmark of national chemical industry parks. It is suggested that the zone should further explore the development mode of the large petrochemical zone and carry out regional linkage; further innovate the operation mode of the park in terms of safety and environmental protection; and innovate the mechanism of compatible development between the chemical industry park and the society. Pan Aihua of


briefly introduced the policy formulation of standardizing the development of chemical industry park, deeply discussed the quantitative indicators to measure the development level of the park, and combined with the "made in China 2025" planning outline, put forward specific requirements for the development of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park: first, further improve the level of green development. The Ministry of industry and information technology is actively promoting the relocation of urban hazardous chemical enterprises into the park, and eventually all the hazardous chemical production enterprises will concentrate on the development of the park. It is hoped that Shanghai Chemical Industry Park will continuously improve the level of green development, summarize experience in a timely manner, and set a benchmark for other chemical industry parks and provide reference and demonstration. Second, we should pay more attention to innovation driven, lead the petrochemical and chemical industry upgrading in our own and surrounding areas, and provide innovative services for the surrounding areas. Third, vigorously develop the new material industry, lead and improve the level of China's new material industry, and form a new growth point. After the


forum, pan Aihua and his party also investigated Huasheng Chemical Plant of Shanghai Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. and Evonik specialty chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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