Shandong forced chemical enterprises to transform and upgrade

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

"In accordance with the requirements of" full coverage, zero tolerance, strict law enforcement, and emphasis on actual results ", we have comprehensively cleaned up and rectified illegal chemical enterprises and illegal chemical projects.

At present, 651 chemical production enterprises have been closed, 2157 have been ordered to rectify, 392 have been filed for investigation and punishment, 267 have been shut down for rectification, 211 have been requested to be closed, and 371 illegal construction projects have been eliminated and banned.

" This is a group of data that the reporter learned from a press conference held by Shandong provincial government a few days ago.

Strengthening the management of safety, environmental protection and energy conservation and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry is a major decision of the Shandong provincial government.

The general office of the provincial government specially issued the opinions on strengthening the management of safety, environmental protection and energy conservation and speeding up the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry in the whole province.

It is determined that in about three years, the "cracking down on illegal chemical enterprises" (illegal chemical enterprises and illegal chemical projects) will be carried out We will continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry with the main contents of improving safety production conditions, environmental governance and energy conservation and consumption reduction.

Shandong is a big province of chemical industry.

According to the investigation, there are 9069 chemical production enterprises in Shandong Province, including 3332 Enterprises above designated scale, accounting for 37%.

There are 199 chemical industrial parks and 2978 chemical production enterprises in the park, with the rate of 32.8%.However, among the 9069 chemical enterprises, 63% of them are under scale, with low market access threshold, and a large number of unsafe and non environmental protection small enterprises.

there are many potential safety hazards in chemical enterprises, and the main responsibility of enterprises is not implemented seriously.

the environmental protection procedures are not complete, and the management of illegal discharge and leakage is not in place.

The chemical industry in most cities and counties is lack of overall planning, with scattered distribution and chemical industry The management requirements of parks and concentration areas are low and the starting point is low.

In view of the problems existing in chemical enterprises, Shandong Province adheres to territorial management and hierarchical responsibility, focuses on three years, divides it into four stages, and carries out the special rectification of "cracking down on non-compliance and anti violation".

Ge Weiyan, deputy director of Shandong provincial environmental protection department, told reporters: "cracking down on non-compliance is the premise and foundation for the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry.

Only by doing a good job in" cracking down on non-compliance "and thoroughly cleaning up and rectifying illegal chemical enterprises and projects, can we lay a good foundation for the planning of chemical parks and the entry of chemical enterprises into the parks.

" Focusing on "cracking down on non-compliance", Shandong environmental protection department carried out a large-scale investigation, quick rectification and strict law enforcement focusing on environmental risk prevention and control and hidden danger investigation of chemical enterprises.

It focuses on the environmental risk prevention and emergency measures implementation, emergency plan management, production, storage, transportation, use, waste and other links of environmental risk prevention and control.

In view of the characteristics of various types and large quantities of hazardous wastes produced by chemical enterprises, a five-month special action was carried out to investigate and rectify illegal and criminal activities of hazardous wastes.

A number of illegal and criminal cases have been investigated and dealt with in a centralized way, and a number of criminals have been attacked, thus forming a high pressure situation of illegal crimes against environmental pollution.

As of the end of March, a total of 21373 public security and environmental protection personnel were dispatched (Times), 9436 enterprises were investigated, 114 cases of administrative punishment were imposed, the amount of penalty was 4.

574 million yuan, 133 administrative cases (transfer detention cases) and 142 criminal cases (transferred criminal cases) were established.

Cleaning up illegal chemical projects is an important part of the action of "cracking down on non-compliance".

According to the classification principle of "improving a batch, standardizing a batch, and eliminating a batch", Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Department has carried out a clean-up and rectification on the illegal construction projects of environmental protection in the whole Province.

By the end of March, 1425 illegal chemical environmental protection projects had been investigated, and 627 projects had been rectified, with a completion rate of 44%.

Among them, 371 illegal chemical environmental protection projects were eliminated, 102 were regulated and 136 were put on record.

The environmental protection illegal construction projects that have not been rectified in place have been ordered to stop production for rectification.

Make good use of the "two hands" of the market and the government.

The reporter learned from the press conference that, in combination with the progress of the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry and the current tasks, the Shandong provincial government decided to divide it into five supervision groups from May 9 to 20, led by the heads of the economic and information technology, land, housing and construction, environmental protection, safety supervision and other departments, to supervise and inspect the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry in the whole province.

Shandong Province requires that, adhering to the principle of "territorial management, hierarchical responsibility", the municipal and county (city, district) governments should put the transformation and upgrading of chemical industry on the important agenda, and earnestly take the leadership responsibility.

The chemical industry transformation offices at all levels should establish institutions, enrich personnel, improve the mechanism, and take the leading responsibility.

The departments of safety, environmental protection and energy conservation should strengthen coordination and cooperation to form a joint force.

The inspection team mainly inspected whether the implementation opinions were formulated in the form of Party committee and government documents, whether the work coordination mechanism of relevant departments was established, whether special organizations were set up for centralized office work, and whether the staff and funds were guaranteed.

In order to better grasp the relevant information of chemical enterprises, Shandong Province actively carried out the action of "one county, one volume".

After repeated investigation, the current situation and problems of the number of chemical enterprises, chemical industrial parks (concentration areas) and enterprises, villages and schools that need to be relocated were basically found out.

Shandong Province requires all localities to analyze and classify all enterprises in "one county, one volume", and put forward suggestions for dealing with enterprises with incomplete procedures.

For enterprises with incomplete procedures, those whose safety supervision, environmental protection or energy-saving departments issue immediate shutdown opinions are listed as "the first batch of chemical enterprises to be closed down and eliminated".

those that do not agree to go through the relevant procedures are listed as "the second batch of chemical enterprises to be closed down and eliminated".

enterprises with incomplete or missing procedures and the competent departments do not agree to make up for them shall be studied by the municipal and county (city, district) government It was listed in "the third batch of chemical enterprises to be closed down and eliminated".

According to the investigation of "one county, one volume", 422 chemical enterprises, villages and schools need to be relocated due to the non-compliance of safety and environmental protection.

Shandong Province requires all localities to further investigate the relocation of villages, schools and enterprises.

In view of the risk control, relocation or relocation and other issues, the villages, schools and enterprises should be studied one by one to clarify the road map and timetable, and supervise the work one by one.

In view of the re planning and confirmation of the chemical industry park, according to the requirements of the Shandong provincial government's "three in" (chemical enterprises in key sensitive areas should "enter the park" before the end of 2018, hazardous chemical enterprises must enter the specialized chemical park, and new chemical enterprises must enter the Park), all localities should learn from the experience of advanced regions and study and plan the chemical industry in advance Positioning and park layout.