Shandong implements the access and exit mechanism for hazardous chemical enterprises, and 145 enterprises will be relocated and closed this year

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

The general office of Shandong provincial government recently issued an urgent notice on strengthening the safety management of hazardous chemicals and proposed 11 measures to strengthen the safety supervision of hazardous chemicals.

Zhao Weidong, deputy director of Shandong Safety Supervision Bureau, said the measures include reducing the number of chemical enterprises and gradually rectifying and closing a number of small chemical enterprises.

At the present stage, the use of hazardous chemicals is essential, and the elimination of hazardous chemicals is not realistic.

Safe production, use and storage of hazardous chemicals are the correct choice.

On August 4, Shandong decided to carry out in-depth inspection on safety production of chemical and hazardous chemical enterprises in the province, and carry out "full coverage" law enforcement inspection on the production, use, operation and storage enterprises of hazardous chemicals in the province.

Zhao Weidong said that Shandong Province will implement the safety management of hazardous chemicals in 50 key counties (cities and districts) under the supervision of hazardous chemicals, and carry out heart to heart dialogue activities at all levels throughout the province.

Leaders of the provincial government will have heart to heart talks with the principal leaders of key county governments and key enterprises.

and the main leaders of the governments and the responsible comrades of the governments in charge of the cities and counties (cities and districts) will be in charge of the areas under their jurisdiction The main responsible persons of hazardous chemical enterprises have heart to heart dialogue to promote the implementation of government supervision responsibility and enterprise main responsibility.

At present, 383 person times have been interviewed with the main person in charge and safety management personnel.

Among the 11 measures, the reporter found that the establishment of a mechanism for the entry and exit of hazardous chemical enterprises attracted special attention.

New chemical projects must enter the chemical industrial park or the chemical concentration area confirmed by the people's Government of the city divided into districts.

In principle, small chemical enterprises with newly built equipment investment less than 50 million yuan will not be approved.

Establish exit mechanism for small chemical enterprises.

For small chemical enterprises with high risk, high energy consumption, poor efficiency, backward production technology and equipment technology, involving "two key points and one major" (key supervision of hazardous chemical process and key supervision of dangerous chemicals and major hazard sources), and no guarantee of production safety, all cities should make a list and formulate corresponding policies and measures to promote the development of small chemical enterprises Its orderly exit, gradually adjust the chemical industry structure, reduce the number of chemical enterprises, improve the quality of enterprises and safety management level, to achieve intrinsic safety.

This year, 145 million yuan has been put into effect for the relocation of hazardous enterprises.

In view of the lack of professionals and weak management foundation of small and medium-sized hazardous chemical enterprises in key counties, Shandong will explore the establishment of assistance mechanism for excellent enterprises and key counties.

At present, Shandong has identified 28 large-scale chemical enterprises to cooperate with 50 key counties to give full play to talents and management advantages of large enterprises, and guide small and medium-sized enterprises in key counties to improve safety management level.

Shandong Province has determined to take "two key points and one major" and hazardous chemical enterprises involving liquid chlorine, liquid ammonia, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.

as key supervision objects, and continuously carry out special safety rectification.

Enterprises involved in key supervision of hazardous chemical processes and hazardous chemicals shall be equipped with and improved with automatic control, emergency shutdown system and safety interlock device.

Enterprises that have not yet carried out automation transformation should immediately formulate transformation plans and implement transformation as soon as possible.

Enterprises that need to carry out design safety diagnosis according to regulations shall conduct design diagnosis again if they fail to carry out design diagnosis or design diagnosis does not meet the requirements after reexamination.

Enterprises involving major hazard sources shall ensure that all safety management, safety technology, monitoring and emergency measures are in place.

Shandong Province stressed that strict examination of the safety conditions for the accident enterprises to resume production is required.

If an enterprise that causes a fatal accident applies to resume production, the provincial safety supervision department shall organize experts to inspect the safety production conditions on site, and comprehensively evaluate and confirm the safety production conditions and production safety management capacity before allowing the resumption of production.

Chemical enterprises, especially the development zones with "two key points and one major" concentration, most risk factors and heavy supervision tasks, should establish a separate safety supervision organization.

Qualified key counties (cities, districts) shall provide the safety supervision departments with leaders with chemical professional background or management experience, and the safety supervision departments shall be equipped with at least five hazardous chemicals safety supervisors.

(source: Dazhong daily).

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