Shandong raises investment threshold of chemical enterprises

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

On May 5, the reporter learned from the press conference on the transformation and upgrading of chemical industry in Shandong Province held by the Information Office of Shandong provincial government that Shandong Province has raised the threshold for investment in chemical enterprises.

The reporter learned that the Shandong provincial government required to raise the threshold for investors of chemical industry projects, and stipulated that in principle, all localities would not approve and file any more, and the newly-built and expanded hazardous chemical projects with fixed asset investment less than 100 million yuan (excluding land costs).

For the approval (filing) of newly-built and expanded hazardous chemical projects, the examination and approval authority shall be handed over to the investment management department above the city divided into districts.

According to their own conditions, all localities have set a further threshold, especially in Zibo City of Shandong Province, which has set the investment threshold of chemical enterprises at more than 300 million yuan.

According to Wang Wanliang, deputy director of Shandong chemical industry transformation office and deputy director of provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, the expansion of hazardous chemicals projects with fixed assets investment less than 100 million yuan.

On April 29, leaders of Shandong provincial government reiterated at the on-site office meeting held by the provincial chemical transformation office, encouraging the development of chemical projects with high-grade products and international or domestic leading technology and equipment.

For projects with an investment of less than 100 million yuan but belong to technical transformation and meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection, they can be newly launched after being reviewed by relevant departments and experts, and approved by the joint meeting of Shandong provincial government and provincial chemical industry transformation and upgrading.