Sidelights of 2016 Petrochemical Industry Development Conference

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

On April 12, petrochemicals ushered in a feast of their own - 2016 petrochemical industry development conference.

The meeting was full of wonderful scenes, with warm applause from time to time.

What impressed the reporters was the applause caused by "new" three times.

Li Shousheng, President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, frowned when talking about the new challenges during the 13th Five Year Plan period and said seriously: "the biggest challenge we are facing at present is that the industry's independent innovation ability is not strong.

Petrochemical industry needs to improve the cultivation ability of strategic emerging industries, while petrochemical enterprises should improve their own innovation ability.

Enterprises should strengthen their ties with scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and the international market, purchase new technologies and exchange scientific research investment for enterprise benefits.

" President Li's remarks aroused the resonance of many delegates.

Most of the audience was from the person in charge of petrochemical enterprises.

President Li's judgment was warmly applauded on the spot.

At the meeting, many representatives from enterprises were "bitter about the low oil price".

However, at the same time, many representatives told reporters that low oil price is a new environment, and petrochemical enterprises should prepare countermeasures to adapt to the new environment, turn unfavorable into favorable, and make low oil price another opportunity for the development of petrochemical industry.

Wang Yongjian, vice president of Sinopec, thinks that the current domestic market demand for high-end raw materials and new chemical materials has not been met, and enterprises should seize this opportunity to adjust the industrial structure.

Wang Yongjian said excitedly: "the low oil price provides the development opportunity for the oil refining and chemical industry.

If the oil refining and chemical industry wants to be bigger and stronger in the environment of low oil price, I hope colleagues will work together!" suddenly, there was a round of applause at the scene.

Oil companies suffering from the impact of low oil prices are also trying to break through the tight encirclement.

Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group, known as "China's fourth barrel of oil", is just like this.

Hu Guangfa, chief engineer of the group, said: "the low oil price makes Yanchang oil difficult, and we are also under great pressure.

" According to Hu Guangfa, in order to change the impact of low oil prices on the company's operations, Yanchang Petroleum has increased its ties with PetroChina, Sinopec and other enterprises, enhanced its marketing capability and adjusted its chemical product structure.

At the same time, they have also taken measures to increase the proportion of scientific research investment in the total investment from 1% to 4%.

"Through various efforts, Yanchang oil has gone from loss to profit since March this year!" Hu Guangfa announced the encouraging news.

Representatives on the spot applauded and congratulated Yanchang oil on its new achievements.

New challenges, new strategies, new actions In the "new" meaning sprouted at the petrochemical industry conference and the warm applause on the spot, new impetus for the development of the industry was gestated.