Styrene up more than 30% this month

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09
According to

data, Sinopec's unified marketing companies have raised styrene prices in recent years. On April 20, Sinopec East China sales company raised the ex factory price of styrene from 550 yuan / ton to 11050 yuan / ton, an increase of about 5.24%. This is the ninth consecutive increase in styrene price this month, with a cumulative increase of 2650 yuan / ton or 31.55%.


data from Baichuan also showed that on April 21, Sinopec South China sales company increased styrene by 900 yuan / ton, and Guangzhou Petrochemical Company implemented 11100 yuan / ton of tank discharge.

it is reported that at present, the maintenance of domestic and foreign devices continues, and the shortage of goods in northwest Europe will extend to may, while the maintenance in Asia will also extend to May. Therefore, in the short term, the situation of tight goods and rising prices may continue, and the prices will remain firm.

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