The domestic dimethyl ether operating rate decreased significantly

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

It can be seen from the above figure that the domestic DME operating rate in 2015 was below the 2014 level in most months.

The main reason for the low operating rate in 2015 was that the international macro environment continued to be weak, which led to the continuous decline of raw methanol.

The profit of DME plant was almost in a deficit situation, and the annual operating rate dropped to about 30%.

In addition, the supervision of mixing gas in some areas is strengthened, which leads to the reduction of shutdown of most domestic manufacturers.

The trend of international crude oil continues to decline, and the gas ether price differential continues to shrink.

The shutdown of some enterprises is also one of the reasons for the sharp decline in the overall operating rate.

The dimethyl ether unit of Fushun Runyi Chemical Co., Ltd. in Northeast China has been shut down last year.

According to the insiders, due to the small demand in the industry, the dimethyl ether unit of the manufacturer will not start operation.

The demand of Qingdao, South China and other places in Shandong Province has also been reduced.

Due to the increasing supervision on the mixing gas in the region, there are few mixed gas in the region.

Affected by the sharp decline of liquefied gas in South China, the whole line of dimethyl ether in the region fell into a deficit state in July.

However, the manufacturers were reluctant to continue to decline in cost, and the price difference between dimethyl ether and liquefied gas was once inverted.

Only two sets of units were started in South China at the end of the year, among which Dongguan Jiufeng dimethyl ether plant mostly produced industrial grade dimethyl ether.

Data source: jinyindao information from the above figure, it is not difficult to see that North China still accounts for nearly half of China's total production.

However, due to special reasons such as individual monthly meetings and deflagration accidents, the overall production of dimethyl ether in North China this year has declined significantly compared with previous years.

As the economic environment continues to be weak, the domestic regional production in this year is obviously slightly lower than that in previous years.

In addition, the downstream inventory consumption is slow, and the enthusiasm of terminal market entry is also weak.

However, it is worth mentioning that since this year, there are no dimethyl ether manufacturers in Northeast China.

Except for some downstream users who transfer to Inner Mongolia, most of the tertiary stations have little intention to purchase dimethyl ether.

Due to the upside down of gas ether price difference in South China, the whole line of DME units in the region has been shut down since mid August, and only one plant has been started at the end of December, but the overall sales are still not good.