The loss of raw salt is in serious crisis of survival

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A few days ago, we learned from Weifang, Shandong Province, the main production area of sea salt in China, that the crude salt price began to decline from 200 yuan (ton price, the same below) at the beginning of last year, and now it has dropped to 70-80 yuan.

The price is seriously inverted, and the enterprise is in the bottom of operating difficulties and losses.

Sun kuishu, manager of Shandong Shouguang Bohai economic and trade development company, said that the price of salt has been declining since the beginning of last year.

At present, the price of salt fields in Yangkou area of Shouguang City has dropped to more than 70 yuan (excluding tax).

the price of salt fields in Hanting and Dongying areas in Weifang has dropped to 80-85 yuan (excluding tax), which has been inversely linked with the production cost.

Sun kuishu said that at present, due to different construction time, the production cost of each salt field is different.

The salt fields built in 2007 coincide with the stable price of salt, the investment has been gradually recovered, and the comprehensive cost has been reduced.

The production cost of salt per ton of raw salt is 120-140 yuan.

the salt fields built four or five years ago catch up with the market price and begin to decline, with the production cost of 160-170 yuan.

At present, the production and sales of saltworks are decreasing, and the inventory is increasing.

Some saltworks can not afford to pay the land lease fee.

According to the statistics of Weifang Salt Industry Association, from January to June, Weifang raw salt sales revenue was 330 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 51.

6%, and inventory of raw salt was 4.

29 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 57.6%. Due to the serious deviation between the production cost and the ex factory price of raw salt production enterprises, salt related enterprises are suffering from serious losses, and are in a difficult position to move forward.

The capital chain is tight and the capital turnover is difficult.

However, the follow-up production and operation urgently need funds.

Banks began to be cautious about lending to salt fields.

Weifang central sub branch of the people's Bank of China has investigated 15 salt enterprises and 6 financial institutions that have business relations with salt enterprises, and has adjusted the loan form of salt related enterprises from "normal" to "concern", and the loans of some enterprises will not be renewed after the loans are recovered one after another.

It is understood that in the face of the dilemma of raw salt production and operation, the government has also helped the salt industry to tide over the difficulties, so as to maintain the sustainable development of crude salt production.

Changyi City, Shandong Province, encourages enterprises with conditions to increase salt storage, and gives certain financial subsidies.

Sales should not be lower than the cost, no price reduction and dumping, and no malicious competition.

Under the leadership of the salt bureau, all salt farms in the city should store raw salt in Tuotai salt fields according to the proportion of 20% of the actual output, so as to avoid selling resources at low prices.

Changyi City Finance provides salt storage subsidies according to the standard of 5 yuan per ton.

in the salt storage link, the value-added tax deposit is exempted, the salt resource tax is delayed, and the unified collection is conducted in the sales link.

at the same time, various financial institutions are coordinated to increase the credit support for the salt industry, and the financial institutions are given 3% risk compensation for the existing loans and new loans for salt production.

the salt industry is set up Industry fund, strive to achieve a scale of more than 30 million yuan to support the development of salt enterprises.

Shouguang City of Shandong Province also encourages salt farms to store raw salt by themselves, set up salt industry fund, improve the financing environment of salt industry, adjust the salt resource tax rate, levy resource tax according to the number of mu of salt field and brine concentration, and eliminate the regional imbalance of tax rate.

at the same time, speed up the adjustment of salt industry structure, and take the forms of buyout, holding, equity participation, merger, joint venture, lease and so on, Efforts should be made to cultivate leading enterprises and eliminate backward production capacity.

(source: China Chemical Industry News).

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