The operating rate increases and the price of dimethyl carbonate will continue to decline

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

in April, China's dimethyl carbonate industry experienced a wave of decline, the cliff type collapse of raw material propylene oxide is undoubtedly the culprit for this wave of market setbacks, but it is undeniable that serious overcapacity in the industry and vicious circle competition among regional factories bidding for goods are also another major reason.

According to the

data, the total capacity of the existing DMC plants in China is 656000 tons / ton (616000 tons for transesterification and 40000 tons for methanol oxidative carbonylation). Among them, 155000 tons of units including Yankuang Guohong, Dongying Shunxin, Fujian Henghe and zhetiefeng have been put into operation for a short time, and have been shut down continuously after operation. In addition, some of Taifeng Feiyang and Dali group have also installed Stop continuously.


have serious overcapacity in the industry. According to the comparative analysis of the current effective capacity and consumption capacity, it can be seen that the overall operating rate of dimethyl carbonate is controlled at 50% or slightly lower level, which is basically the balance point of production and sales. According to rough estimation, in April 2015, the output of dimethyl carbonate in China was close to 30000 tons, and the operating rate was close to 55%, which was higher than the apparent consumption.


Zhejiang Tiefeng said that the downstream polycarbonate (PC) plant of its co production and supporting downstream reached the production standard on April 1. At present, the indicators are stable and have been transferred to normal production, with a daily output of 300 tons of polycarbonate granules, maintaining stable export. It will restart its 40000 ton DMC plant on May 3. In addition, Tongling and Shida Shenghua have successively restarted their shutdown devices during the "May Day" period. According to the current maintenance plan provided by the dimethyl carbonate plant, in May, only two units of wells with a total of 55000 tons were overhauled for half a month, and three sets of small units with a total of 60000 tons were overhauled for one week. There is no shutdown plan for other units, and some units have plans to increase load.

therefore, in general, the operating rate of China's Dimethyl Carbonate Industry in May is still slightly higher than that in April. However, due to its supporting downstream PC self-use, Zhejiang Tiefeng will not have a great impact on the overall supply of dimethyl carbonate.

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