The titanium dioxide industry has cut down 300000 at the right time

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In early September, the titanium dioxide market was not supported by the "golden nine" program, and the demand market remained sluggish.

In the final analysis, it was (low-end) overcapacity.

At the beginning of 2015, the titanium dioxide sub center of National Chemical Industry Productivity Promotion Center released According to the statistics of 46 titanium dioxide manufacturers with normal production and above scale in 2014, a total of 2435014 tons of all kinds of titanium dioxide (excluding surface treatment or processing enterprises) were produced in 2014, an increase of 280052 tons or 13.

0% compared with 2013.

Among them, the rutile type accounted for 72% of the total production, accounting for 72% of the total production 494.

287 million tons, accounting for 20% of the total output, rutile output is 3.

6 times of that of anatase.

The fierce competition is self-evident.

In the market reality of oversupply, regional wars, market wars and price wars emerge one after another.

From 2014 to today, Sichuan Longqi has always taken the low-cost route, prompting the restructuring and integration of the industry.

According to the current price level, most of the manufacturers have "streaked naked" In time, it is bound to achieve the effect of reducing production capacity by 300000 yuan.

At present, most of them are priced at RMB 120000-10000 / T for rutile and rutile in China.

Yang Xun, titanium dioxide analyst of the chemical branch of the business society, believes that: under the background of titanium dioxide market weakness for a long time, high price transparency, (low-end) overcapacity, southwest long enterprises are close to "streaking" with low prices, and other producers are suffering.

The first ten days of September are basically "monologue" for large enterprises.

The stable price trend of most other manufacturers gives more speculation to the future market Looking forward, the market is still looking at the single, quantity, payment form of a single discussion!.

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