Three problems to be solved in calcium carbide industry

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09
At present,

calcium carbide industry is facing three major problems: high energy consumption, low level of safety and environmental protection, and poor automation. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, speeding up technological transformation and upgrading the level of process and equipment will become the inevitable choice for calcium carbide industry to complete the tasks of energy saving and consumption reduction, safety and environmental protection, and realize sustainable development. On June 5, at the 9th National calcium carbide industry healthy development conference and the fourth council of the fourth session held in Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia, the industry reached the above consensus. Sun Weishan, director of Industry Development Department of China Petrochemical Federation and Secretary General of China calcium carbide industry association, introduced that from 2011 to 2014, China's calcium carbide production capacity increased by about 4.5 million tons per year, but the demand only increased by 2.4 million tons per year. In 2014, the output of domestic calcium carbide industry was 26 million tons, with an operating rate of 62%, ranking low among key chemical products. It is difficult to support the sustainable development of calcium carbide industry only relying on large-scale and high-intensity investment of production factors.


reporters learned from the meeting that in recent years, the situation of environmental protection and safety production in calcium carbide industry has improved, and major accidents have been significantly reduced, but the overall level is still low. The automation level and intrinsic safety level of the device need to be improved, and the problems of poor operating environment and high labor intensity of employees have not been effectively solved. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the average comprehensive energy consumption per ton of calcium carbide products in 2014 was 1.05 tons of standard coal, which was 5% lower than the access standard. According to the energy consumption spot check conducted by China calcium carbide industry association in 2013, only 26 enterprises (accounting for 58% of the total production capacity) met the requirements. According to the requirements of "domestic production and automation, we should speed up the construction of SPS KDS" and "monitor and control system in time"; we should speed up the construction of automation system according to the requirements of "domestic production and automation, reduce the overall production of SPS KDS". Zheng Congying, business development manager of


yashen science and technology research and development center, said that the calcium carbide industry market competition is fierce, environmental protection standards are increasingly strict, and enterprises are facing severe challenges. The admittance conditions of calcium carbide industry (revised in 2014) points out that the tail gas of calcium carbide furnace must be 100% recycled and comprehensively utilized, and it is encouraged to be used to produce chemical products with high added value. This will promote the utilization of tail gas in calcium carbide industry and improve the level of energy conservation and environmental protection. Wu Daohong, chairman of Beijing Shenwu Environmental Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd., introduced Shenwu regenerative calcium carbide smelting technology. He said that the by-products of the technology are man-made oil and natural gas, which can ease China's dependence on imported oil and gas, and have the characteristics of low energy consumption, low cost and zero pollution. Lou Jianjun, general manager of


Zhejiang Jindun Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said that the chain type intelligent calcium carbide transmission line can realize the intellectualization and automation of calcium carbide production, greatly reduce energy consumption, improve calcium carbide production, eliminate potential safety hazards, and change the backward production mode in the past.


in view of the frequent safety accidents in calcium carbide industry, Yu Peng, deputy general manager of acetylene operation Department of Sinopec Great Wall energy and chemical (Ningxia) Co., Ltd., proposed to adopt HAZOP analysis method. He said that HAZOP analysis method has been widely used in petrochemical industry, which is of great significance in calcium carbide industry.

industry trends

Li Sanwen, Secretary General of Shanxi calcium carbide industry association: Although the situation of calcium carbide industry is very grim, the industry development is still full of opportunities: first, the slow recovery of the global economy will have a positive driving effect on China's calcium carbide industry. Second, China's new urbanization and consumption upgrading will increase the demand for energy, building materials, household appliances, food, clothing, vehicles and daily necessities, which will help to promote the rapid growth of demand for calcium carbide and downstream products. Three, one belt, one road and free trade zone strategy are being implemented vigorously. Fourth, the national power reform, for the high power consumption of calcium carbide enterprises, is extremely good. Jiang Shunping, director of Information Department of China Calcium Carbide Industry Association:


: Recently, under the stimulation of a series of favorable policies issued by the state, the economic situation of China's calcium carbide industry has improved, the price has hit the bottom and rebounded, and the number of start-up enterprises has increased. In terms of single month output, China's calcium carbide output showed negative growth for the first time in April; from the overall supply-demand relationship, the calcium carbide market is still unclear, and it will take time for the overall recovery. With the further release of the favorable policies of "stabilizing growth, controlling risks, preventing deflation, adjusting structure, promoting reform and benefiting people's livelihood", it is expected that the overall market of calcium carbide in the second quarter will be better than that in the first quarter.

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