Three year plan of adjustment and upgrading discussed by China Petrochemical Federation

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On April 12, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation held a vice president forum during the 2016 petrochemical industry development conference, at which the key contents of the three-year implementation plan for restructuring and upgrading of petrochemical industry was introduced.

The participants exchanged views on the implementation plan and held that "resolutely eliminating backward production capacity, transforming and upgrading traditional industries, and driving the development of high-end emerging industries with innovation" are in line with the scientific law of regulating and promoting the upgrading of petrochemical industry.

According to sun Weishan, director of the industry development department of the Federation of petrochemicals, the implementation plan puts forward the key directions for structural adjustment in the fields of petrochemical industry, traditional chemical industry, new chemical materials and modern coal chemical industry, including the list of products and process equipment that are encouraged, restricted and eliminated immediately.

The "implementation plan" also puts forward five goals: "effectively alleviate the surplus contradiction, gradually improve the product structure, reasonable industrial layout, comprehensively promote green manufacturing, and significantly enhance innovation ability".

Among them, by the end of 2018, the production capacity of nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, calcium carbide, chlor alkali, tire and other products should achieve zero or negative growth, the overall self-sufficiency rate of new chemical materials should exceed 75%, the energy consumption and carbon emission per 10000 yuan of industrial added value will decrease by 6% compared with the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, and the proportion of scientific research investment in the main business income of the whole industry shall not be less than 1.2%. In addition, the implementation plan puts forward eight safeguard measures.

It includes stopping all kinds of subsidies, tax incentives, bank loan renewal, etc.

, forcing backward production capacity and "zombie enterprises" to exit.

promoting the relocation and transformation of hazardous chemical enterprises and standardizing the construction of chemical industry parks.

accelerating the development and application of cleaner production technology.

breaking through a number of major key and common technologies, building a number of key laboratories, engineering centers and innovation centers.

expanding the scope of Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot.

and promoting the development and transformation of hazardous chemicals enterprises.

International cooperation on production capacity should be carried out.

Li Shousheng, President of the China Petrochemical Federation, expressed his views on resolving overcapacity and technological innovation.

In his opinion, the current state's efforts to "eliminate, eliminate, and compensate three" is "a bus that can't be delayed" for the petrochemical industry to resolve overcapacity.

If you take the initiative now, you can strive for the initiative of transformation and upgrading.

If you miss the opportunity, you may pay a much higher price to solve the thorny "zombie enterprise" problem in the future.

To solve the problem of overcapacity, we must strictly control the total capacity, resolutely eliminate backward, and accelerate the upgrading of existing capacity.

Scientific and technological innovation should focus on the breakthrough of high-end technology, focusing on the five aspects of energy development and utilization, new chemical materials, special fine chemicals, modern coal chemical industry and energy-saving and environmental protection technology, so as to speed up the innovation research and innovation platform construction.

In addition, more than 10 representatives including Wang Yongjian, Zhang Wei, Duan Xue, Qin Zhiqiang, Feng Huiliu, Tong jia'an and other representatives also put forward suggestions, hoping that the government would further streamline administration and decentralization, speed up the construction of a fair market environment, adjust measures to local conditions and rely mainly on market forces to eliminate backward production capacity, establish incentive mechanism for capacity removal, and cooperate with each other to accelerate technological innovation and high-end development.

It is reported that the "implementation plan" will be reported to the State Council and relevant ministries and commissions after improvement, and released to the whole industry.

The implementation plan puts forward the key directions of structural adjustment in many fields.

Petrochemical industry should promote the construction of petrochemical industry base in an orderly manner, strictly limit the oil refining capacity, and all new projects should enter the base for development.

vigorously develop high-end petrochemical products and accelerate the upgrading of oil products.

accelerate the upgrading and transformation of existing units to enhance the support capacity of olefins, especially aromatics.

Traditional chemical industries, such as nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, calcium carbide, methanol, chlor alkali and soda ash, should strictly control the new production capacity and speed up the elimination of backward production capacity.

develop new application fields and high value-added products.

and promote the upgrading of agricultural chemical products and services.

The new chemical material industry should focus on the high-end demand of new energy, automobile, rail transit, energy conservation and environmental protection, focus on the development of high-performance resin, special synthetic rubber, high-performance fiber, functional membrane materials, electronic chemicals and other products, so as to improve the self-sufficiency rate.

carry out major project demonstration, accelerate the localization of key materials and technical equipment.

and accelerate the formulation and revision of relevant standards.

Modern coal chemical industry should strictly control the examination and approval of large bases and projects, give priority to the layout of industrial bases in areas with obvious comprehensive advantages of coal and water resources in Western China, promote industrialization and upgrading demonstration, develop and popularize advanced technologies such as coal gasification and wastewater treatment, and promote the integrated development of coal chemical industry and related industries.

(source: China Chemical Industry News).

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