Tianjin Port explodes suddenly, oil products and other bulk markets will face aftershocks

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

at 11:30 last night, Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Ruihai International Logistics Co., Ltd. container explosion of dangerous chemicals, Tianjin port operation is basically paralyzed.


the bulk products involved in the explosion are mainly chemical products downstream of petroleum, including PE, PP, etc., and the petrochemical enterprises involved are mainly Tianjin Petrochemical and Sinopec Sinopec.


are located in Tianjin Binhai New Area, adjacent to Bohai oilfield in the East and Dagang Oilfield in the south. It is connected with the oil pipeline of Nanjiang petrochemical terminal of Tianjin port. It has 23 sets of oil refining, 24 sets of chemical industry and 3 sets of chemical fiber. The crude oil processing capacity is 15.5 million tons / year, the comprehensive supporting processing capacity is 12.5 million tons / year, and ethylene is 1.2 million tons / year (including joint ventures). It is currently the largest ethylene production base in China and the largest refining base in North China.

Located in Dagang, Binhai New Area of Tianjin,

Sinopec is one of the largest ethylene joint ventures in China. It has eight sets of advanced process technology and world-class major production units. Among them, 1 million tons / year ethylene plant belongs to world-class scale, and 450 thousand tons / year polypropylene plant has the largest single production capacity in the world. In addition, there are 300000 tons / year high-density polyethylene unit and 300000 tons / year high-density polyethylene unit The annual output of chemical products is about 3.2 million tons for linear low density polyethylene unit, 4 / 360 thousand tons / year ethylene oxide / ethylene glycol unit, 350 thousand tons / year phenol acetone unit, 20 / 120 million tons / year butadiene / MTBE unit and 650 thousand tons / year cracking gasoline hydrogenation unit.


Tianjin Petrochemical Co., Ltd. are about 40-50 km away from the accident site, and there is also a certain distance from the crude oil reserve, so they have not been affected yet and are in normal operation. According to the internal personnel of Sinopec, due to the company's far away from the scene of the incident, the company's production is normal at present. The explosion sites of


belong to Beijiang port area of Tianjin port. Container transportation is the main mode in the port area, and the transportation of steel, grain, commodity automobile and other goods is also taken into account, while the bulk cargo transportation such as oil and products is mainly concentrated in Nanjiang port area. At present, the water depth of the main channel of Tianjin Port has reached 21 meters, which can meet the requirements of 300000 DWT Crude Oil Ships and the most advanced container ships in the world. Song Ping, the energy branch of the business association, believes that at present, the market fluctuation of petroleum products is small, but in the future, as Tianjin Port radiates to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and links North China and Northwest China, with the coming of the victory day of the Anti Japanese war on 9.3, the chemical enterprises in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region will face large-scale temporary production suspension, and the "Aftershock" of the explosion incident may affect oil products and oil products from the aspects of transportation and storage The rise of downstream products has played an important role in boosting the flames.

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