Titanium dioxide industry voice: miserable, worrying prospect

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-09

is understood that at present, China's low-end production capacity is seriously surplus, and high-end capacity is insufficient. With the upgrading of environmental protection, the titanium dioxide industry is bound to go through the process of de production capacity just like that in Europe and the United States, which will promote the upgrading of the industry, gradually increase the proportion of chlorination process, and enhance the industry concentration, leading enterprises with voice will gradually appear.


under the background of the overall downturn of the industry, the vast majority of titanium dioxide enterprises will face the fate of restructuring. As for how to effectively realize the merger and reorganization of the industry and the elimination of backward production capacity, industry insiders believe that it is necessary to take market-oriented reform as the premise, and allow enterprises to choose their own good to improve the efficiency of M & A. Specifically,


should first of all clear the market through the invisible hand of the market. The government should not interfere with the spontaneous adjustment of the industry. Secondly, it is necessary to break the information closure and increase the transparency of policies so that all kinds of enterprises can make decisions and compete more freely. One of the key points in the process of reorganization and integration is to avoid the "matchmaking". The main theme of optimizing the industrial structure of "strong and strong cooperation" has been played, and the "tangled" voice of "small enterprises" choosing to be merged or out of the game is worrying in the main melody.


must be based on market-oriented reform to effectively realize the merger and reorganization of the industry and the elimination of backward production capacity. Enterprises should be allowed to choose their own good and improve the efficiency of M & A.

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