Weak domestic demand makes it difficult for the stock market to carry titanium dioxide

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According to the latest data, in May 2015, China's total production of coatings was 1.403 million tons, a year-on-year decline of 0.76%, showing a negative growth in one year. However, from January to may, the cumulative total output of coatings in China was 6.2384 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 0.94%. Among them, Guangdong, the largest coating Province, saw the largest decline in coating production, reaching 29.29%. Hunan and Hebei, the major coating provinces, also showed a decline of 11.39% and 9.65% respectively, indicating that the overall situation of the coating industry is weak.


according to the analysis of industry insiders, the problem of structural surplus in China's real estate industry has not been solved, and the road to recovery in the future is more difficult, which will not have a role in boosting the support of the coating industry. In addition to the housing downturn, the main reasons for the decline of coating production include: the introduction of coating consumption tax, stricter environmental protection regulations, and weak manufacturing operation.


in addition to the coating industry, titanium dioxide, another major downstream plastic industry, has a hard time. In 2015, the growth rate of fixed assets investment in the plastic industry dropped sharply, and the growth rate of plastic products output, main business income and profit slowed down. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the investment in fixed assets of rubber and plastic products industry was 90.2 billion yuan in the first quarter, with the investment growth rate falling by 22.8% compared with the same period last year and 12.3% lower than that at the end of last year.


domestic titanium dioxide industry overall economic trend is closely related to the general environment, it is impossible to be alone. Recently, the stock market of A-share has evaporated by 17 trillion yuan. In the past two weeks, the loss ratio of shareholders has reached 96.01%, of which the loss range is more than 30%, accounting for 6.28%; the largest number of investors with loss range of 20.01% - 30% and 10-20%, accounting for 37.31% and 37.35%, respectively; the loss range of 0% - 10%, accounting for 15.07%. In other words, in the past two weeks, only 4% of the shareholders made profits, and 80% of the shareholders lost more than 10%.


titanium dioxide concept plate Bailian (002601), Panzhihua vanadium titanium (000629), Ananda (002136), CnTI (002145), Jinpu titanium industry (000545)

China China titanium dioxide China Application Forum, held by

, was successfully concluded in Shanghai. The keynote speech of "the path and trend of China's titanium dioxide industry consolidation and merger and reorganization", "the current situation of China coatings and the price trend in the second half of the year" and the Internet plus Era of titanium dioxide enterprises transformation, have won the sympathy and enthusiasm of the delegates. Loud applause. Strengthening horizontal integration, strengthening their own advantages and upgrading marketing mode (access to "Internet plus") to expand marketing channels is the titanium dioxide industry out of the "haze" direction.


expert committee meeting of China Titanium Dioxide Industry Association put forward suggestions on the revision of the standard conditions for titanium dioxide industry, established a new preparation group, and made a specific schedule for the release at the end of the year; the meeting passed the "investigation of sulfuric acid process acid slag as hazardous waste, formulation of industrial standard treatment technical procedures, and optimization of resource utilization technology promotion work" At the same time, we will investigate and understand the situation of titanium dioxide project by chlorination process, so as to put forward positive countermeasures for upgrading the dominant technology suitable for the national conditions, and suggest that the state should provide financial support to accelerate the development of titanium dioxide by chlorination process in China.

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