22 June 2017
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Tianjin Factory Audit Supplier Verification Manufacturer Inspection Needed? Looking for a job
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China Factory Inspection Checklist

Cleanliness. A sloppy workplace (including workers appearances) indicates a sloppy attitude, and most likely sloppy


Organization. Be sure to take some time to understand the entire workflow. Does it make sense? Can you see any bottlenecks?

If you do not understand something, ask questions. If you cannot ultimately understand why a factory’s workflow is a

certain way, it may be a warning signal.

Machinery. Get thorough explanations of what the machines do, where they are from, and other detailed questions. Asking

detailed questions about the machines will make you seem smarter (thus less gullible). Listening to the answers will in

fact make you smarter. Once you have toured several factories, you can make comparisons.

Quality Control. The key here is the number and location of QC checkpoints. Figure out how the rejected parts are handled.

If you cannot understand that, it is likely that the workers also cannot.

Employee Conditions. In China, most laborers live at the factory. Regardless, happy workers make for productive workers. Be

sure to visit the employee housing areas to see how they eat, sleep and live when they are not on the floor.

Location. The factory should be close to its suppliers ? otherwise, there can be supply bottlenecks. It should also be

close to a port from which it can ship. Finally, learn about whether there are utility quotas in the area that affect

production ? this is especially important for electricity.

In general, we will check the following aspects for a factory audit:

Factory identification/background
Warehouse & Raw materials
Production capability
Machinery and facilities
Quality control system
R & D
Special Requirements from customer

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