22 June 2017
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A Lively Chinese Class Looking for a job
Posted by KatherineWang86525 on Feb 23,2014 20:10 Views: 1091

hey,guys,I'm Katherine.
I'm a Chinese teacher who has own a professional certificate of ICA and experienced in teaching chinese for foriegners.

Ok,if you wanna learn Chinese,you can call me or send a E-mail to me,and then we can discuss what kinds of courses(spoken chinese、HSK、business Chinese,ect)do you need.

PS:Remember,this is a purely chinese class,which is not a translation class,so I will help you how to build a way of chinese thinking in chinese,AndI can do a Demo for free of the first class ,so if you have any interested in this,Pls contact with me.


ByronGew 2017-06-13 08:12:48
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RileySneddon 2017-03-15 21:58:41
A lively chinese class issues a proper professional certificate after the complete course. You can sign up at australianessay.com for getting this course. I have also joined this last month and getting proper training now.

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