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How to obtain WOT Buddy card
Updated: 2012-03-27 by Susan
WOT account users (online members) can send in an application to get a WOT Buddy Card. This WOT card is a useful tool not only to get discounts on a variety of purchases; it is also a handy card for networking.
To get a WOT Buddy Card, just follow the steps below:
1. If you are not already a WOT online member, simply register for a free WOT account.
2. Fill in the electronic application form provided.
The first 50 members to apply for WOT Card will get it for free, so WOT recommends that you apply for your card as soon as possible!
The WOT Team will process the application form, and a WOT Buddy card will be sent to you by courier once the application is in order and the card is ready. WOT Buddy Cards are processed and sent out in batches. WOT Team will advise you once the application has been submitted, and inform you when the card is ready to be picked up or is in transit.
The WOT Buddy Card is a member/user discount card which can be used at merchants/places which are listed on the WOT selection of discounters. WOT Team is continually seeking out and securing new discount providers. WOT Buddy Card holders simply need to show their card at the discount venues to obtain discounts.
WOT Buddy Cards can be used at many WOT events in addition to the afforementioned discounts from WOT accredited merchants.
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27 Mar 2012

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