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Title: Installation Steps of Concrete Batching Plant

1. Installation of concrete mixer: Stirring hook hanging on the host chassis height skids play after locking with rope, mat after steady skids down the host, then the rope loose or do not fall off; the leg side by pins the positioning holes of the connector in the end plate, and plug cotter pin; to take the pedestal mounted on the chassis around the coupling bolt good cartridge walkway mobile concrete plants for sale, and bolted to the end face of the walkway and on both sides of the walkway connecting bolt tightening, then the fence mounted the stage to go; to lift after the completion of the above work, to maintain balance when lifting by hand Cement Screw Conveyors, the legs folded to the center with a rope, etc., after gradually stabilized down, bolts sturdy legs and between the chassis and then coupling leg braces, at this time do not loose or fall off the rope; adjust the four legs to the center line of the base plane coincide.

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2. Installation of control room : The control room on the ground bracket assembled and installed on the walkway bracket control room, control room installed after the hanging bracket to the corresponding base of the bracket to adjust the four legs its center line coincides with the center line of the foundation plane, and can be embedded steel welding; bolting the escalator and walkway bracket coupled good; lifting the control room and the control room and the control room by a bolt bracket connected well.

3. Installation of weighting system: Upper holder cement scale hot sale SICOMA Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer, water scales, scale installation additive: Scales cement, water, scales, scales successively lifting additive to the respective installation position of the upper bracket, bolted.



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