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Title: Introduction of the Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plant is divided into four parts: aggregate feeding price of cement mixer, powder (cement, fly ash Reversing drum concrete mixer, and expansion agent) feeding, water and admixture feeding, and transmission batching and store. Its work process: after the batching control system electrifying, entered people-machine dialogue of operation interface, the system proceed the initialization portable diesel concrete mixer, which including formula, and concrete level, and slumps, and production. According to the weighing to test each bunker and the weighing hopper, and the signal of output material empty or material full can prompt operation personnel determines whether starts the batching control program. Started sand and stone belt motor feed the material into the weighing hopper; open the butterfly valve of fly ash and cement tank, and start spiral machine motor to convey fly ash and cement to the weighing hopper; open the control valve of water warehouse and admixture pool to make water and admixture inflow the weighing hopper. After the measurement meet the setting requirements, open the gate of weighing hopper, ingredients entered the started mixer and mixed inside, and to setting time, open the door of concrete mixers, the concrete entered into the batching truck.



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