Tianjin leads China in plane leasing

Updated: 25 Sep 2014
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Chinese lessors account for 300 passenger jets flown by domestic airlines, or 14 per cent of the mainland's fleet.


China's US$400 billion aircraft leasing market is heatting up, with Tianjin emerging as the dominant hub for deals in the rapidly growing sector.


An average of 15 aircraft were being delivered every month by leasing companies registered in the northern city's Dongjiang free-trade port (DFTP) zone, said Zhang Zhongdong, deputy director of its administrative commission. Some 409 aircraft had been delivered from the zone since the first transaction in late 2009, with the figure expected to reach 450 by the end of the year, he said. That is equivalent to the fleet size of a major Chinese airline.

"The DFTP accounts for 99.3 per cent of aircraft leasing deals on the mainland," Zhang said.

Forty aircraft have been leased through Shanghai, two from Shenzhen, and two via Xiamen, which are other pilot zones permitted to conduct aircraft leasing with preferential policies.

The mainland's aircraft leasing market was dominated by foreign lessors until 2007, when state-owned banks were allowed to own leasing subsidiaries and rapidly increased their market share. Chinese lessors now accounted for 300 passenger jets flown by domestic airlines, or 14 per cent of the mainland's total fleet of more than 2,000 aircraft, said Tao Mei, vice-president of ICBC Financial Leasing, which accounts for 107 aircraft, making it the largest player in the domestic market.

Boeing forecasts China will need more than 6,000 passenger jets worth US$870 billion in the next 20 years. "At least 50 to 60 per cent of that will be financed through leases," Tao said.

Increasingly, domestic lessors not backed by state-owned banks are also eyeing a share of the market, while more established operators look overseas to diversify their financing sources and lessee bases.

ComSys Leasing, a small aircraft and engine leasing company backed by Hong Kong capital, last week announced plans to buy 20 ARJ-21 aircraft from Comac - China's homegrown manufacturer of a regional jet that is still under testing. With no direct affiliation with airlines or banks, ComSys started operating in Tianjin's DFTP in 2011 and had leased more than 30 aircraft to mainland airlines, company president Cheng Gang said. "During the financial crisis and the US credit crunch, many foreign lessors were phasing out of the Chinese market and we saw the opportunity," Cheng said.

The company's portfolio consists mainly of narrow-body Boeing and Airbus aircraft bought from airlines. Cheng said the decision to add the smaller ARJ-21 - with its delivery date unknown - to its fleet stemmed mainly from a wish to "to support Chinese homegrown aviation and because we see market demand for regional jets".

Enwright DeSales, a senior partner with Deloitte, said that for the more established Chinese lessors, Ireland - the world's main aircraft leasing centre with various tax benefits - remained the most preferred platform, followed by Singapore.

ICBC Leasing, which has nearly half of its 200 delivered aircraft leased to customers outside China, has set up a Dublin subsidiary to manage more of its business from the Irish capital.

China Development Bank Leasing, with a fleet size of 185, and Bank of Communications Leasing, with 70 aircraft, have also started to do that. Bank of China's BOC Aviation, the most international Chinese lessor, has always operated out of Singapore as it was a Singaporean leasing firm with two decades of operations before it was acquired by the Chinese lender in 2006.


SOURCE: www.scmp.com

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