MOU signed to bring more Tianjin firms to Texas

Updated: 24 Oct 2014
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Today Nueces and San Patricio Counties along with the Cities of Gregory, Portland, and Corpus Christi signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Tianjin Commission of Commerce this afternoon.

"Seven years ago when we started working with the Chinese to bring their developments to the state of Texas, and to this region, that is all starting to blossom," said San Patricio County Judge Terry Simpson.

The purpose of this MOU is to promote cooperation and continue to bring different companies from Tianjin to the Coastal Bend. The Chinese based company, TPCO, is currently building a new pipe plant, TPCO America, near Gregory.

"It's great. This is great for South Texas. It's great for San Patricio and Nueces County. We'd love to see some related industries to... Them come this way too," said Nueces County Judge Loyd Neal.

Now that the MOU is signed and gifts have been exchanged between the parties, more growth is expected to follow.

"I believe, in future, more and more company from Tianjin will investment this area," said Tianjin Pipe Group Corp Vice President Zhang Wenfeng.

More Chinese businesses in the area, means more jobs in the Coastal Bend.

"That means that their children are assured good jobs for the future. And for their children's children," said County Judge Simpson.



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