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Advanced Healthcare Materials: biodegradable and electrically activated regenerated bacterial cellulose /MXene (Ti3C2Tx) composite hydrogel coupled with electrical stimulation for skin wound repair

wallpapers News 2020-11-16

skin wound healing is a precise complex process including inflammation granulation tissue formation matrix remodeling epithelial re formation. Skin wounds especially those seriously damaged due to injury or disease can not be repaired immediately poor healing may lead to functional loss or even death. In order to improve wound healing wound dressing is very important for repairing skin reconstructing skin function. At present hydrogel wound dressings are very popular because of their unique advantages. Hydrogel dressing can not only maintain a relatively moist wound environment absorb excess tissue exudates maintain good O2 permeability but also can be easily removed to avoid two skin wounds. In addition hydrogel dressing can cool the wound surface thereby reducing the pain of patients. Nevertheless most hydrogel dressings only focus on improving tissue rehydration minimizing wound site infection but rarely actively regulate endogenous cell behavior to promote wound healing resulting in passive wound repair. This uncontrolled regulation of wound healing process may interfere with a variety of biological pathways inflammatory reactions eventually lead to wound repair failure.

skin is one of the sensitive tissues to electrical stimulation. A large number of studies have reported that electrical stimulation (ES) can actively regulate cell behavior such as guiding the adhesion proliferation migration differentiation of skin cells so as to improve the regenerative activity of cells promote skin wound healing tissue regeneration. However most of the hydrogel wound dressings do not have electrical activity so they can not respond to external electrical stimulation of physiological electrical signals or wound sites during healing. Therefore in order to overcome the shortcomings of conventional hydrogel dressing for passive wound healing make full use of the advantages of ES it is urgent to develop a new functional electroactive gel dressing which can respond couple electrical stimulation to promote skin wound healing. In view of this Professor Yang Guang of Huazhong University of Science Technology reported a biodegradable electrically activated bacterial cellulose /MXene (Ti3C2Tx) composite hydrogel coupled it with electrical stimulation to repair skin wounds. It was found that the regenerated bacterial cellulose /MXene hydrogel (rBC/MXene) maintained excellent characteristics of regenerated bacterial cellulose hydrogel (rBC) had high water absorption good biodegradability flexibility. Moreover the incorporation of MXene gives the rBC/MXene composite hydrogel excellent mechanical properties thermal stability good electrical conductivity biocompatibility. In addition the multifunctional rBC/MXene composite hydrogel showed excellent wound healing performance in the rat whole cortical wound model. More importantly under the coupling effect of external electrical stimulation the biodegradable rBC/MXene composite hydrogel can actively regulate cell behavior significantly improve the regeneration vitality of NIH3T3 cells accelerate wound healing process more effectively. Therefore the biodegradable electroactive rBC/MXene hydrogel has great potential in wound dressing. Meanwhile this study provides an effective synergistic therapeutic strategy to accelerate wound healing by coupling electro active gel dressing with electrical stimulation. The related research is entitled "biodegradable electroactive regenerated bacterial cell / mxene (ti3c2tx) composite hydrogel as won dressing for accelerating skin won heating under electrical simulation" which is published online on advanced healthcare materials DOI: 10.1002/adhm.202000872.

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