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Advanced functional materials: Chemistry and application prospects of graphene and porous graphene materials

wallpapers News 2020-09-30

graphene is a kind of two-dimensional carbon nanomaterials with hexagonal honeycomb lattice composed of carbon atoms in SP2 hybrid orbital. It has high specific surface area high Young's modulus high electron mobility excellent thermal conductivity. Graphene has been listed as one of the most important frontier materials for the development of new energy information technology in China. Among them graphene oxide reduced graphene oxide are two typical single-layer graphene derivatives with oxidation groups defects. They can bond with many different atoms through SP SP2 SP3 hybrid orbitals to obtain graphene materials with different pore structures. In particular porous graphene materials can effectively combine the advantages of porous materials graphene. It not only has high specific surface area rich pores but also can realize rapid ion transport which has attracted extensive attention in the fields of energy catalysis separation so on. Therefore understing the chemical properties pore forming mechanism functional application role of graphene porous graphene materials has important scientific significance application value for the future design construction of new graphene porous graphene materials their applications in catalysis energy environment.

recently researcher Wu Zhongshuai his team from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperated with Academician Cheng Huiming from Institute of metals Chinese Academy of Sciences Tsinghua Berkeley Shenzhen University to systematically review the chemistry application prospects of graphene porous graphene materials. In this paper the surface interface chemistry assembly chemistry functional chemistry of graphene are introduced in detail. The construction methods of different porous graphene materials including in-plane pore forming two-dimensional layered pore three-dimensional assembly pore are summarized emphatically. The regulatory mechanism of different pore structures the importance of surface chemical modification are revealed. Secondly the chemical action structure-activity relationship of different graphene porous graphene materials in supercapacitor secondary battery electrocatalysis seawater desalination gas separation other important applications were discussed. It was emphasized that porous graphene materials have the double advantages of graphene porous materials. Finally the challenges of graphene porous graphene materials are discussed the possible solutions development strategies are proposed from the perspectives of biomimetic chemistry assembly chemistry surface interface chemistry.

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