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Advanced healthcare materials: Research Progress of engineered nanoparticles in regulating tumor immunotherapy

wallpapers News 2020-10-14

tumor is one of the most serious diseases threatening human health. Traditional treatment methods (such as surgery radiotherapy chemotherapy) have serious side effects drug resistance other shortcomings which affect the clinical treatment effect. In recent years the breakthrough of immunotherapy has made tumor therapy enter a new stage. Tumor immunotherapy is a new type of systemic systemic therapy which can attack tumor cells by dynamically regulating the body's autoimmune system. However the problems of traditional tumor immunotherapy such as potential instability low immune response toxic side effects caused by cytokine storm high cost of treatment greatly limit its clinical application. In order to further improve the status quo engineering nanoparticles as an emerging technology strategy has been widely studied which has brought a new breakthrough for traditional tumor immunotherapy. By simultaneous interpreting the diverse selection of engineered nanoparticles in tumor immunotherapy the Hou Yanglong research group of Peking University

has made unique advantages in optimizing different traditional immunotherapy methods mediated multi-dimensional immune synergistic therapy highlighting the promising prospect of engineered nanoparticles in regulating tumor immunotherapy.

Fig.1 key design points of engineered nanoparticles in tumor immunotherapy

this review systematically summarizes the application of different kinds of engineered nanoparticles in tumor immunotherapy puts forward the basic design points that need to be considered in tumor immunotherapy (Fig. 1) including (1) drug release efficiency of nanoparticles as delivery system; (2) biological safety of nanoparticles; (3) surface modification potential of nanoparticles; (4) nanoparticle delivery system The specific targeting of nanoparticles; (5) endogenous immune response mediated by nanoparticles; (6) multi-dimensional synergistic therapy mediated by nanoparticles. Based on the above design points engineering nanomaterials also show irreplaceable advantages in improving traditional immunotherapy methods. This review summarizes in detail that nanoparticles as delivery systems can protect immunomodulatory drugs from the influence of physiological environment in tumor vaccine therapy immune checkpoint inhibition therapy monoclonal antibody therapy cytokine therapy realize controllable regulation of body distribution precise targeting of specific sites thus can more effectively activate the body's immune response It should be used against tumor cells. The nano scale "artificial cells" can improve the efficiency of traditional adoptive cell delivery therapy by controlling the number quality of cells. It is worth mentioning that in the multi-dimensional collaborative therapy magnetocaloric therapy photothermal therapy photodynamic therapy chemokinetic therapy mediated by the inherent physical chemical properties of engineered nanoparticles fully reflect the multi-function of nanoparticles. Combined immunotherapy has a good inhibitory effect on primary tumor metastatic tumor. Finally the potential clinical value of engineered nanoparticles in tumor immunotherapy is prospected the challenges possible solutions in the future are described.

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